November 6, 2016

a thankful heart: relying on gratitude

I have a friend, Aleigh Joy Moore, who has a wonderful blog. I've loved reading it since I met her back in 2012 while she was still waiting for her now husband, to return home from his mission in Ohio. She's been doing the A Thankful Heart Series for a few years in which she invites each of us to reflect on the many things we are grateful for, in honor of the month of giving and thanking. 

She says on her latest post, "Three years ago I decided to do a series of posts during the month of November about all the simple joys in life that I am genuinely so very thankful for. 
Each week, on Sunday, I would post a few things that made my heart feel that much more full.
It could be something as small as the meal I ate the night before or as big as my faith and family. Either way, it reminded me of the many blessings I have been given and somehow my days felt brighter and my heart felt happier."

I've decided to join the fun and every Sunday this month, I will share a few things in which I am grateful for. Thank you Aleigh for such a wonderful idea and motivating me (and everyone) to focus on what matters most.

I love Sundays. They are so great for my mental and emotional health to go and be with a congregation of people who believe in the same things are that are trying to make it through trials, just as I am. It's an amazing feeling when you can be uplifted and then come home, put your PJs on and eat junk food. It's a really beautiful and necessary thing!

More importantly, I love Sundays because I can focus on the blessing it is to have the Gospel of Jesus Christ in my life. It brings me so much joy, when I utilize it's power to provide me with hope, happiness and peace.

It may be extremely cliche to put that as my number one. However, when I sit down and think what I am thankful for, almost every single time, I immediately think about my Savior, Jesus Christ, and this gospel he has provided me with. 

I love that I can turn to my Father in Heaven in prayer and know in my heart, that He is listening... that He knows me by name and before I can even say anything, He knows my sorrows, trials, joys and feelings. What an amazing blessing that is and I am so grateful for it!

When Ryan & I had been married for about a month, he ran upstairs to our bedroom and said, "I have a surprise for you!" I really never know what to expect when he says that but this time he really meant it! Waiting downstairs on the patio, was a Diet Coke, some sort of candy bar and a red cactus. 

Normally, Ryan would bring me flowers but he said that he couldn't find any that he liked for me and so he settled for the red cactus. At first, I was a little surprised but very quickly fell in love with this little red guy! I went out the next day to buy a planter and ended up buying some succulents and now we have quite a few to fill the area by our front door! 

I absolutely love looking at my little red cactus and her succulent friends. It makes me so happy to see something grow and stay alive. Remembering to water it is not much of a challenge since they require little to no water per week! 

I'm grateful that there are so many beautiful things on this earth that we can enjoy. I'm grateful for vibrant colors that bring me so much happiness and of course, for a wonderful husband who bought me a single red cactus. 

Ever since I can remember, there were always amazing smells of homemade bread, no-bake cookies & home cooked meals on the table. My mother is a fabulous cook, baker & person. She taught me so much about the importance of sitting as a family for dinner. She did her best (and still does) to provide an amazing, homemade meal.

Fresh into our engagement, I was daydreaming about the meals I would make for Ryan and the dessert recipes I would try to conquer. Much to my surprise, I have done just that! I try really hard to have a homemade meal every night with the exception of the occasion night out or "it's been a crazy day. I'm ordering pizza!"

Ryan makes this noice like an, "mmmhmm!!!!" real deep and loud that always reassures me that it was a good dinner :)

Discovering my talents is something I have been impressed to work on. To make sure I'm taking care of myself emotionally and mentally by keeping hobbies and constantly looking to where I can improve. It's such a blessing that each of us have our own talents and gifts. 


If you would like to learn more about Thankful Heart Series, check out the link above. Thank you for reading!

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