November 30, 2016

memories worth treasuring

There is something about this time of year that makes me feel so warm and more aware of my blessings! I love the magical feeling that comes when I listen to Christmas music and how my tree lights up a dark room with such beauty. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year!

Thanksgiving was also wonderful this year! It was our first together as a married couple! Thanksgiving morning, we began our tradition by having french toast with candied bacon because there is no such thing as calories on a holiday, am I right?! We listened to Christmas music, talked about how much we loved the holidays and what our big plans were for the day.

We spent Thanksgiving day with my parents, one of my sisters, Darcie and my cousin, Ben. Friday was dedicated to Ryan's side with aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings and of course, Oma & Opa. It was a lot of fun and I'm so grateful we have so much family close by to celebrate with! I sincerely miss my other siblings and nieces and nephews who live literally on the other side of the country but I love that we have FaceTime and texting to keep in contact and wish each other a happy holiday.

Watching my mom cook and prepare made me want to remember everything about her. I never want to forget her habits in the kitchen, or the wonderful smells she would create. I want to remember everything about now. I regret so much how little I paid attention to my Grandma Odom while she would be baking or cooking down in Pensacola, FL. I always loved eating her creations but because I was so young, I never thought to help her or to just visit with her in the kitchen.

This thought resonated with me all week long and made me remember that it's really what I do and who I am now that determines my future. I'm grateful for all the opportunities we have to grow, change and become better. I want to treasure everything about my life right now, who I am, who the people are around me, the love that is shown to me. It is all worth treasuring.


Decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving isn't something I'm too keen on doing however, this year, almost as soon as I could, I started to decorate! I waited until the week of Thanksgiving, at least ;) Growing up with cold winters and a white Christmas almost every year, celebrating the holidays in Southern California has been a huge adjustment. 

Decorating our little home has been a great way for me to feel the Christmas Spirit! We don't have everything decked-out but what we do have is enough. There are so many little things that we can do to make a huge difference. With limited space in an apartment, you have to become a little creative. Of course, the tree, ornaments and a nativity are classic ways to decorate but I try to find creative and affordable ways that are unique to me and my style.

I started with picking colors. A lot of people suggest going with deciding on a theme and colors but that is just so much to keep track of on my busy schedule so colors are what I can handle! I decided with gold, dark greens, white and nudes. It's not perfect but it is doing the trick for me.

With all my Christmas and holiday DIYs I've been working on, I've thought to start doing a Tips & Tricks Tuesday. Every Tuesday I will share a tip or a trick that I've learned or come up with. This month will focus on Christmas DIYs and gifts. This is also a really fun way for me to keep a record of the different projects I've been working on or achieved.

I am grateful for those of you who read my posts, even if there are only two or so, thank you! I love that I have a place to write and lay out all my thoughts and feelings. Have a wonderful week!

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