December 7, 2016

christmas decorations

There are a lot of memories I have of my mother coming down stairs in our home in Indiana and she would ask, "...what are you doing, sweetie?" That was a question thrown around a lot while I was growing up. I would constantly be rearranging our living room, the office or my bedroom. Most of the time, without my mother's permission!

She was typically very kind about it and found it endearing to see this little 7-year-old body grunting as she pushed a 200+ lb. sofa across the living room. These habits grew as I got older and led me to study Interior Design at LDS Business College in Salt Lake City, UT. It's so interesting to look back and see how the things that you did as a child, reflect into whom you have become as an adult. 

My habit of moving things around a lot has been kicked down quite a bit since we moved into our apartment. The limited space doesn't allow me to do very much rearranging. To let out my inner OCD, I focus on changing the decor and going with the seasons. I love decorating and seeing how I change the colors or wall decor. 

This time of year makes decorating extra fun! Everyone has their own style and ideas on how to bring the Christmas Spirit into their home. For a long time, I liked decorating my teenage room with the traditional bright greens and reds. That felt like Christmas to me. It reminded me of visiting Santa, caroling and making Christmas cookies with my mom until midnight on Christmas Eve. 

As I've gotten older and my style has developed and changed, I really enjoy experimenting with different styles and colors. The dark reds and variations of greens look beautiful with gold, beige and white. I chose these colors not only because they are a more mature take on the traditional bright colors but in the tree light, I love how they warm up the room.

Eventually in our life, I would love to have a really nice nativity scene in our home. One of the Willow Tree ones would be so beautiful but right now, that is so out of our price range and we would have no where to place it. These nativities will do for now! 

The small one was a gift from my parents while I was on my mission. They sent it to me that Christmas and nothing made me happier than to have this sweet little nativity scene on my desk to look at every day. The larger one, I made while I was on my mission, that same Christmas! We had an activity at the church and painted our blocks and applied the vinyls. 

I chose to display these nativity scenes on our coffee table because they are the first things you see when you step into our home. The Christmas season is all about the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ and I wanted our decorating to be a reflection of that. 

This wreath was so simple and inexpensive to put together! Besides the cost of the actual wreath, it was only $4 for the materials. The flowers, pinecones and deer are from the Dollar Tree. I don't even care what people say about the Dollar stores - you find some amazing things in there! I made the "JOY" sign and the burlap you can buy anywhere but I got mine from Hobby Lobby. 

Wreaths haven't always been my favorite way to decorate however, coming home to this on our door brings an immediate smile to my face! The bright red totally contradicts what I said about the bright colors earlier but I made an exception for our door! You can do anything you want with a wreath. The possibilities are endless and I love that everyone can put their personal twist on theirs! 

 Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree 

What lights up a room and brings in the Christmas Spirit more than a beautiful Christmas tree?! Almost every night since we've put it up and decorated it, the lights in the apartment are turned off and those beautiful little lights around the tree get to make their debut!

Ryan and I decided to start a tradition for our little tree. Every year, we will get a new ornament that sums up our year or our marriage at that time. This year, we went out and found an adorable little wood ornament. I loved it at first sight mostly because the style is very me but once I really looked at it, I realized it was very us. I've had a hard time living here but Ryan has done everything in his power to make it my home. Regardless of how I feel living here, this is where we met, dated, got engaged, married and started our life together. California has truly grown on me and is now, my home.

These are not unique ideas on how to decorate your home... in fact, these are the most basic and traditional ways to do so but that's what I love about Interior Design. It's about what you want in your home... what makes you happy! I hope everyone has enjoyed bringing the Christmas Spirit into their home and decorating to their style.

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