March 8, 2018

n o v a : f i v e | m o n t h s

I’m almost too tired from the past month to write this. Holy.. was her four months long. The four month sleep regression hit our house hard. Poor Nova. Poor me. Poor Ryan. It was hard on all of us! That on top of Nova’s tummy problems, there was a whole lot of learning going on. It took me back to when she was a newborn. Constantly scrolling through articles, blog posts, Facebook groups and google just for a little advice. 

 But, man do I love this baby. Nova is my everything. Even on the hardest days, her smile cures it all. She is truly blossoming into a beautiful soul. Everyday is a new adventure in her eyes and I love it. We could all learn something from these little babes. 

 | h e r  f i f t h  m o n t h | 

giggling and laughing any chance she gets

loves when mommy and daddy tickle her tummy!

tried apples, avocado, pears, carrots and peaches - she loves it all!

still loves to be swaddles up!

becomes really angry when mommy walks out of the room 

loves when daddy rocks her to sleep

is sitting up with very little support!

does not enjoy sleeping alone... like ever. 

We've made it to five months with SO much drool and no teeth to show for it! I'm sure the time for teeth poppin' isn't far off. I'll just keep catching drool in my food, hair, hands and just about everywhere else, while we wait. Seriously. Mama's - you know what I'm saying. It is EVERYWHERE. Drool and poop seem to be popular with Ms Nova. Girlfriend had a blowout every day last week! You just have to laugh in those moments and walk away knowing that won't be the last time this happens. 

Nova's at the point where she wants to be constantly entertained. It's so cute - I love watching her grow interest in the littlest parts of life. She’s teaching me charity, happiness and patience. Oh, is she teaching me patience. Such is life with children, am I right?

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