June 11, 2018

n o v a : e i g h t | m o n t h s

Ryan and I have enjoyed this stage with Nova more than I expected! She is much more independent now and sleeping in her crib for naps and bedtime which makes for a really happy mama! Nova laughs so stinking much. Anything Ryan or I do makes her giggle and it has completely lit up our home! Being home with her and hearing those giggles more than cries makes my heart feel so full!

Being a stay at home mom was always my intention. Now that it is here and I am living it day-to-day, I realize how different it is in reality than it seemed in my mind. There are days that I miss working and making money for our family. There are days that I think I'm going to go full Brittany and shave my head because my baby can't stop pulling on it! But then there are the days, that come more often than the others, when I realize that staying home is a privilege. Watching her grow and learn right before my eyes is worth all the hard moments, which in reality do not come often. Being her mom is so easy, especially when she smiles at me with those big blue eyes!

| h e r  e i g h t h  m o n t h |

loves going to the water park!

completely fascinated by other babies and children

does not like it when you tell her "no" 

walks along furniture like a pro!

loves when meme and papa kahuna come to visit and snuggle her!

favorite veggies: spinach, peas and sweet potato

favorite fruits: pears, apricots and watermelon

actually enjoys car rides now!

Nova is such a sweet soul and I love getting to know her more and more as each day passes. She makes every day so much better. Life with her is beautiful.

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