June 27, 2018

Thriving on Schedules + Routines

Finding the right schedule for your busy seven to nine month old baby can be extremely tough! I know first-hand dealing with a crawling, walking along furniture, eight-month-old. My little Nova loves being on a schedule. Finding a flexible, yet consistent routine has helped me go from a surviving mother to a thriving mother. Knowing what comes next and having pockets of time to myself throughout the day is what we both needed!

This particular schedule that I will be sharing with you has been working wonders for our little family - especially for Nova and me! I have found so much peace knowing she has more structure in her life. With all that said, every day is different. There are days where she doesn't take her first nap until noon. Or the dreaded days that start at 5am. There are times I completely throw the schedule out the window, like when we are visiting family. Regardless of how our day ends up going, because we have a proper schedule in place, Nova gets back into the swing of things as if nothing ever went off course. She bounces back so quickly and I owe it all to this lifestyle of routines and schedules!

See, always busy and causing trouble! ↑ As she gets older, things will continue to change but I will always work hard to make sure she has an age-appropriate routine! This schedule works really well for us. Nova is still breastfeeding 5-6 times per day and eats solid foods about 3-4 times a day. She sleeps about 12 hours during the night and about 2 hours during the day, between 2-3 naps.

The thing I love most about schedule samples shared by other mamas is that they are extremely flexible! I encourage anyone reading this to explore what is best for you and your baby. Every baby is different and so is every family so it is important to remember that things can always be moved around! My intention for sharing our schedule is to simply provide somewhere to start. I remember when Nova was about five months old and I was clueless about scheduling her day. It was other blog posts that helped me to know what was expected at her age and a great base for our personal schedule. I hope this helps anyone struggling with scheduling or needing some ideas!

You're doing an amazing job, mama! Good luck with those cute babes, we all need it!

Email me for the pdf version of our schedule to print ("email me" on the sidebar) 

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