September 25, 2018

Fall Home Decór

This year, I pulled out my fall decorations that I've used since college. In the small bin, I had 3 glass, bright orange pumpkins and one fall candle. Confused, I was searching everywhere for my plethora of decor only to remember when we moved, it was all given away. At first, I was a little frustrated that I would have to start all over. My style has changed so much since then so I'm actually really happy that I had to start all over! This year, I decided to buy things more on the neutral side with a few pops of deep orange and red. I LOVE how it turned out. I wanted a simple touch of fall that you could feel as soon as you walked through our doors.

The places I turned to for decor were Joann's, Target and Hobby Lobby. One of the first things I bought was this embroidered hoop. I have totally fallen in love with these and hope to have one for every season! They are beautiful and make such a subtle statement. This one is at Joann's for $8. 

Some of the things I implemented in our decor were things that we've had, but I'm using them in different ways. This "F" wood block was given to us as a wedding gift. I've had it on our hallway shelf but decided to move it to a place where it would compliment the fall color scheme. The fabric pumpkin is from Target for $3 as well as the starry lights. 

Our couch is the most beloved piece of furniture in our home. It is tiny and simple but it is my favorite couch. The off-white makes it easy to style with any season. The throw blanket is from Joann's for $10 and fall pillows we found at Kohl's for $15. I ended up only paying $1 for them though with Kohl's cash and coupons I had saved up! That was the happiest day!

Over by our fireplace, I only added a few new pieces amongst our regular decor. The embroidered hoop and grey pumpkin are just the subtlety I was going for. The "give thanks" sign was only $3 at Hobby Lobby! 

Again, keeping all of our everyday decor, I "falled" this area up by taking away eucalyptus and adding hay, adding a DIY garland (pieces from Hobby Lobby) and putting three of the $1 Target pumpkins right in front of our tv. I love all of the warm color tones and the way everything works so well together without being in your face. 

The last area I changed was the center piece of our dining room table. This was so easy but looks so festive! The candles and candle holders are from the dollar store! These are always on our table. Pumpkin from Target, vase, tray and corn fillers from Hobby Lobby. There is that "F" wood sign I talked about earlier! I put the twinkle lights along the table runner we use year-round and it warms up that room, especially at night! 

I hope this was inspiring and helps you to see how you can repurpose the pieces you already have in your home! I think the things I loved the most about my design were the neutral colors with the pops of autumn, twinkle lights and candles and subtlety of each piece. Have a wonderful first week of fall! Happy decorating! :)

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