September 20, 2018

Mor Furniture Design Star Challenge!

This past week I was lucky enough to participate in the Mor Furniture Design Star Challenge! I competed again 3 other Interior Designers to create our dream bedroom. We each styled our rooms so differently - it was fun to see what everyone else's styles were! My modern farmhouse style was a true reflection of who I am. I love modern farmhouse designs and keeping things simple and clean was my main goal while designing my room. 

Before the actually competition,  I had sat down, looked through Mor's website and selected my pieces. It didn't take long for my creative juices to flow and it just felt like everything came together perfectly in my digital design! Once I got to the actual competition, it felt like I had WAY less stuff brought with me compared to my competitors. I quickly got wrapped up in comparison and began to feel inadequate. Suddenly my room didn't look as cute or put together as my digital version. Luckily, there were amazing people there who encouraged me to try new things and loosen up with my design. So, I moved some things around and fell in love with it all over again.

Mor brought in a professional photographer to photograph each room for the competition that is being held on their Instagram page. Once I stepped behind the screen of his camera, I couldn't believe what I had created. It felt like a dream. Not just how my room turned out but just the fact that I was there, competing as an Interior Designer! I am still shocked and overwhelmed with gratitude. I'm so thankful that I got this amazing opportunity! Now, lets step into my room!

As soon as I saw this dresser, I knew it had to be part of my design. The texture and warmth bring this room together exactly as I had hoped. The tray on the bed is cohesive without being too match. I love the industrial accents that bring the rustic feel without being overpowering and take away from the modern vibes.

Something extra special this space are the pieces on top. Every single one is from our home and remind me different memories Ryan and I have had with those pieces in our home. 

I don't know about you, but when I walk into my bedroom, I like the room to feel cozy so that I can jump right into bed! Everything from the throw blankets and pillows to the pouf at the end of the bed, make this room feel so cozy to me. Inviting and clean. Something I've come to love about bedding is having only one or two throw pillows. They can still make a huge statement and add so much to the room without there being thirty of them! 

Little accents make a big impact in a space like this. This window-frame mirror of course, does not fall into that category. That puppy is huge! It is stunning and helps make the room feel larger than it is. That is the magic of mirrors ;) When you look at the nightstand, it feel full without being cluttered. This goes to show that less is more! 

I'm not expert Interior Designer. I do not have years of experience under my belt but I feel confident in my ability to make a house feel like a home. I find so much joy in creating spaces for families and individuals who have different tastes, styles and needs. This experience, as well as all of my design experiences, has taught me so much. These are just a few things that I recommend when designing YOUR dream bedroom! 

Find A Color Scheme and Stick to It

Having too many "voices" in the room muffle the sound of the music. The same goes for colors in a room. It's okay if you have 5 shades of blue and 3 shades of grey. That's keeping it cohesive and having rhythm throughout your room. When you have every color of the rainbow in your space, it is exhausting to the eye. Keep it simple. 

Select 3-4 Statement Pieces

Speaking of the eye, it's important to find pieces that draw the eye in. Having more that 4 statement pieces can again, be exhausting. You don't know where to look when there is so much going on in a room and it can quickly become overwhelming. 

Keep It Practical

Whenever I'm designing a room for a client, I always ask myself, "What purpose does this serve? Are they going to use it to make their lives easier, will it bring them happiness, is it personal to them, is it cohesive with their style?" Finding multipurpose items is key for me as well. Things that can work in any room if they change their tastes in two years.

Thank you so much to everyone who voted and supported me throughout this entire journey. I seriously cannot put into words how grateful I am. This was such a fun experience and I have grown so much because of it. I learned so much from the other women I worked with and it was such a blast seeing their designs and ideas. We'll see tomorrow what the results are so if you are interested, stay tuned! I'll be posting it all on my Instagram :) 

The other designers: 

Serretta Barlow

Leslie Joanna


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