October 15, 2018

Nova's First Birthday Party!

I'm still in shock over the fact that I have a toddler. "One-year-old + wiser too..." from the primary song keeps ringing in my head. Nova Violet is one-year-old. It is quite possible the most difficult thing to wrap my head around! Such is life. But, you're here for party details, not a mama's denial story! I am very excited to share a little bit about her birthday party! It was such a fun party. I was actually shocked that we were able to get everything done in basically one night and one morning! All the hard work really paid off. 

Saturday, October 6th, was perfect weather. We woke up to wet grass and grey skies. The party was in my parent's backyard but I wasn't worried about having to pull the party inside. Thank goodness there was no rain during the party and the weather continued to give us a cool breeze and grey skies. My parents have a beautiful and simple backyard. We used their patio area for eating, impromptu dance floor and a Photo Booth. I decorated with A TON of streamers, balloons, lanterns, photo garlands, paper fans and DIY decorations. 

One of the things I really wanted at the party was a photo book for everyone to sign. We used Shutteryfly to make the book full of pictures from Nova's first year. Our guests signed it for Nova to look back on for years to come! I want to do this for all of our baby's first birthdays. 

Since the party was in the back, we had some balloons, an arrow and a beautiful sign directing everyone back there. The sign was made by the very talented, Lindsay Ashworth from A Touch of LA. She also made the sign for our Photo Booth and did an amazing job! Everything matched Nova's party invitations perfectly. Lindsay makes beautiful and unique decorations for all themes and is so sweet! Check her out on Instagram

Originally, the theme was a subtle take on bohemian but the morning of the party I realized it was more just a girly, pink party and I was totally okay with that. We got so many compliments on all the decorations and party activities, I was really glad that everyone enjoyed the party as much as we did! We had music, games and lots of laughter. Unsurprisingly, there were a lot of tears shed. Before we ate food, Ryan asked me to say a quick prayer. Emotion swelled up inside me and I realized just how grateful I was. Grateful for this beautiful daughter of God to be mine and to celebrate that day and grateful for the family and friends there to celebrate with us.

That's not where the tears ended, let me tell you! My second-oldest sister, Amy, and her husband bought a ticket for my oldest sister, Kelly, to come for the party all the way from Florida. It was such a wonderful surprise and beautiful reunion. I am the youngest of five children and everyone except Kelly was able to come to the party. That motivated my brother-in-law to buy her a ticket to come just for two days. I found out the night before but we surprised my mom during the party! I was so grateful that all of my siblings could be together for the first time since Ryan and I got married. 

The cake. Oh boy, oh boy. If you only knew what I wanted to do but didn't have time for! We made a baby-version of Carrot Cake with very little sugar and a cream cheese frosting on top. It turned out just fine and I was just happy Nova actually played with it and smashed it! The cake for the adults was my family's favorite: Pound Cake with cream cheese frosting. It's the same cake we served at our wedding and was gone faster than anything else! Anyway, back to the smash cake ;) It actually took some motivation to get her into the cake. She kept looking up at me with the most confused look on her face! Once she figured out it was for her, she had fun making a mess!

Nova's best friend and cousin (only two days younger than her!), Kaleo, jumped next to her! It was quite possibly the cutest event of the day. Nova LOVES her little cousin and is always trying to kiss him, hug him and play with him. It is so fun watching them grow up together! Neither one of them seemed to enjoy the cake as much as the frosting (go figure..) but they were dang cute making this big mess!

The food is where we really kept everything pretty simple and easy. I wanted food that would appeal to everyone there and that would avoid plastic cutlery. The morning of the party, I made 80 croissant sandwiches, 40 ham and 40 turkey. We made a giant bowl of fruit salad and put those into cups as well as veggie cups with ranch at the bottom. This was seriously the easiest way to serve food and prevented a lot of messes! The very best thing we could have done was setting out bags of snacks and applesauce packets for a quick snack during the party. I got so many compliments on this and definitely recommend it for baby birthdays or kids birthdays! 

As much fun as everything was, I told Ryan we probably won't be doing this big of party again for a while! I love party planning, decorating and everything that comes with hosting a party but WOW. It is so much work! I'm so grateful we were able to do this for Nova and that so many people who love her were able to come and celebrate with us. 

A HUGE THANK YOU to Maddie Decker from To Bloom + Wander for photographing the event! She did an amazing job and I love her so much! Please go give her some love, she is so talented!!


Maddie Decker said...

Cutest birthday party, cutest birthday girl, cutest mama! ��

Unknown said...

That’s definitely one awesome first birthday party and looks like a wonderful time!

Melody of Her Seoul said...

Girly, pink parties are the best! Happy 1st bday to your little one! You really put together a beautiful party!

Kory said...

Oh this looks like it was such a fun party! You did a great job with the decorating!