March 14, 2019

What My Toddler Eats in a Day: Part One

Once we moved past the puree stage and moved on to full-on finger foods and learning how to use utensils, I realized how picky my child is. Or is she? I've spent so much time thinking Nova was a picky eater and would typically end up giving her only the foods I knew she liked. After doing a lot more research and spending time talking to a few different dietitians, I've come to realize I don't have a picky eater. It's possible that you don't either! 

I've learned that my toddler just needs many opportunities to try something before she decided whether or not she likes it. We offered her cucumbers maybe once or twice when she turned one. She would give them the side-eye and throw them onto the floor. "I guess that's on the dislike list!" About two weeks later, we were cutting cucumber and she reached out for it. She gave it another taste, this being her third time trying it, and discovered that she liked cucumbers! Nova now eats them about every other day. We've continued to offer her different types of foods that she has refused in the past. Some times she learns that she likes them and other times she really just does not enjoy them! This system has worked for us and has given me a better understanding of this stage in her development. 

Even though it feels like we figured her out, every day is different. She could absolutely love chomping a banana one day but refuse it the next. I've just learned to be okay with it! However, it does make planning her meals difficult so I try to take it day-by-day with a good idea of different options we can offer her. Hopefully this can give you some good ideas too! Here's what my toddler eats in a day, part one:

It seems like the very first thing Nova thinks about when her eyes open is FOOD. She is immediately ready for some breakfast and usually asks for seconds. I have a few different meals we rotate through but today, she ate a scrambled egg with a little bit of cheese on it, a handful of whole-wheat Cheerios and about 6 oz. of peach yogurt. I'll usually give her one parts juice and two parts water in her sippy cup!

About 2-2.5 hours after breakfast, she is ready for a snack! This day she got a special snack because it's the end of the week and I do our grocery shopping on Saturdays. So by special, I mean not as healthy or nutritious as I would like. She had raisins and a handful of peach yogurt bites in her cup. Once she was finished, she had about 5 oz. of homemade carrot, mango applesauce

Lunch is without-a-doubt my favorite meal! Nova is typically pretty hungry once lunch time rolls around which means it's incredibly easy to please her! This day she had a ham and cheese quesadillablueberries and few slices of cucumber. I always offer her water with her lunch and dinner. Breakfast is the only time she gets any time of juice. She gets milk before her nap and bedtime. 

If she finishes all of her food, which today she did, I give her either crackers or like you can see, some veggie straws. She likes the ranch flavor but it does make her breath smell ALL DAY! so, be aware. 

About 20-30 minutes after she wakes up from her nap, Nova is ready for a snack! I typically offer something I know won't completely fill her up but keep her pleased until dinner time. If I give her too big of a snack, she will most likely be really picky for dinner. A few slices of apple and a couple crackers did the trick! 

Usually if there are any leftovers from lunch or the day before, I will put that on her plate with anything else I make that night. Typically, she just eats whatever we eat but it just so happened that this night, we had frozen pizza and her stomach doesn't do well with pizza yet. So, instead, she had some peeled green grapes, a handful of frozen peas and cut up chicken nuggets. She asked for seconds so she got a few more nuggets and peas!

Depending on how this post does, I will most likely do a part two next month! There are so many different meals I rotate through with Nova and I'm eager to share them with you. For the longest time, I would search Pinterest or Instagram for toddler meal ideas. Now that I have a good rotation, I'm throwing my hat in the ring ;) Hopefully this helped you have some ideas for your toddler! Thanks for reading! 

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