March 8, 2019

What's in My Diaper Bag

As requested, I am sharing what I carry in my diaper bag for myself and my 17-month-old! I'm going to keep this short and sweet because really, a simple list is really all you need. Everything in the list is linked to my favorite product so be sure to check those out! 

Extra Outift + Socks

A Variety of Snacks (Applesauce pouch, raisins, crackers, etc)

Favorite Toy, Book or Stuffed Animal

Travel-size Lotion

Dreft Stain Stick

Hand Sanitizer


Granola Bar or Snack

Wallet + Phone

Travel-size Tylenol

Feminine Products (you'll thank yourself later!)

Hair Ties + Bobby Pins

So, that's about it! It tends to change a lot with the seasons and as she gets older, I'm finding myself needing a lot less for her. Pretty soon, however, we'll have two little girls to pack for! I will definitely be updating what's in my diaper bag once little sister arrives. If you're more interested in what diapers we use, head over to! They provide amazing, affordable diapers and wipes delivered straight to your door. They have a free trial or you can use my promo code, FULLERTON10 for 10% off your first box! 

Did I miss anything that you find to be an essential in your diaper bag? Let me know! 

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