April 8, 2019

n o v a : e i g h t e e n | m o n t h s

I actually cannot believe that my little baby is already a year and a half! This has been such a fun and challenging age. It makes the newborn phase seem like a breeze, honestly. There are tantrums, lots of food prep, giggles, new skills and developments. It's been a joy watching Nova learn something new every single day! She now knows somewhere between 20-25 words that she says consistently! My personal favorites are "please", "welcome" (you're welcome) and "lob u" (i love you). She has the sweetest little voice.

She has been sleeping really well up until recently. It may be the big leaps in cognitive learning she's been going through or maybe just because she has become more aware, we're not sure. She sleeps really well once she is asleep but putting her down is a whole other story! Honestly, I can't complain too much. We rarely have to get up in the middle of the night with her, which is a blessing! We're pushing her bedtime back a bit and involving more wind-down time before she lays down and hopefully that helps - I'll keep you posted on that. Fingers crossed for us!

My absolute favorite things about Nova is her strength and love. She wants to show affection to all of her stuffed animals, the characters in books and especially mama and dada. Her hugs are tight and a bit aggressive and her kisses have advanced to puckered lips - I'm obsessed! Nova is truly the strongest little toddler I've ever met. Not in terms of physical strength so much as emotional. Usually, if she falls or trips, she's quick to get back up and continue doing whatever it was that she was doing. She still has her moments, don't get me wrong. She is only eighteen months old! But I'm going to enjoy the lack of drama while it lasts ;)

| h e r  l a s t  f e w  m o n t h s |

 favorite foods: blueberries, frozen peas, colby jack cheese, mango spinach smoothies, ranch veggie straws, chicken nuggets and any treat that mama lets her have a bite of!

 transitioned to one two-hour nap a day and thriving!

 loves when mama takes pictures - she poses and says "cheeeese!"

 learning how to use forks and spoons but still enjoys using her cute hands 

 going to the park, kissing mama's tummy (baby sister) and watching sesame street are her favorite things!

 pulls up a chair to the kitchen counter to help mama make dinner or cookies!

 loves to play with her car collection and organizes them in a line with dada

 climbs on everything but luckily hasn't been able to escape her crib just yet ;)

 is happiest with a snack and coloring book in her hands!

The thing I want to remember the most about Nova at this age is her curiosity and courage. She's so brave but also really knows her limits which is something that I'm certain will change but right now, it is really amazing to watch. I love watching her play with her little baby buddies and dance to every single song that has ever played! Nova Violet is so full of personality - it's hard to keep up with her! Most of all, I love this time with her. Just the three of us. We are so excited to have little sister here in the summer but for now, we are really enjoying our time with Nova. She is going to be an amazing big sister and I know my heart is going to double in size watching her love little sister! My little girl won't be so little anymore and she really isn't now. But I can truthfully say that with everyday that passes, I'm grateful to have another one full of new adventures and kisses! 

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