October 30, 2019

¡Taco Twosday Birthday Fiesta!

Our sweet Nova turned two on October 8th! We celebrated a few days before with her closest friends here in Texas! It was so much fun to put this party together for her. I started planning it months in advance, as I usually do with any party! It all came together so well. I knew I wanted to do some sort of "punny" birthday theme. At her age, I can pretty much do whatever I want and she'll just be excited that there are balloons and cake! I have a feeling she may be a little more opinionated next year ;)

Our kitchen opens up to our living room, which I love, but that left us with a lot of open space. I decided last minute to make a little console table to go up against one of the walls in our kitchen. I put all the desserts on this table with a few decorations. Let's be real, cookies and cake are part of the decorations! I made some 2 shaped cookies and had my friend, Cami, make the adorable fiesta chocolate cake!

I got so many comments and messages about the cookies. I've been working on getting better at royal icing and trying to have a steadier hand when making the outline. It is SO hard! But these turned out super cute and the little cactus was such a fun little addition. Nova is tall enough to reach her hand up onto the counter so she kept stealing them while they were drying. They were dang good though so I can't blame her!

Let's talk about that fun "Taco Twosday" wall though! Y'all. I couldn't believe how cute this turned out! I started two nights before the party putting this together because I knew I would overdo it and needed time to get it perfect. I started with the streamers. The best way to do this, in my opinion, is to lay down a piece of shipping tape face up, the length that you want your streamer hanging to be. Hold that tape down with some painters tape. Then cut your streamers about the same length and place them whichever order you want your colors to be in. I put it up on the wall with more tape. It took me about an hour and cost about $6. Each color streamer was $.97 from Walmart. 

Food really is one of the first things I think about when planning any type of get-together. I decided a taco bar wouldn't only be easy but also a crowd pleaser! I did chicken tacos in the crockpot with all the toppings. We had spanish rice and refried beans. We also had kid-friendly food of course. Chicken nuggets, sweet potato tater tots, bananas, fruit leather, pretzels and caprisuns. I made some fun paper crafts for the cabinets and nothing is complete without some banners!

I started buying Jarritos months in advance. It was so much fun for the drinks to go with the theme and everyone loved them! Something extra special and thought out.

We did do a fun little activity for the kids! I got a bunch of the ceramic piggy banks from the dollar tree. Each of Nova's friends (or their parents) picked out which one they wanted to paint and everyone was able to take home their own little painted craft! It was so cute and a fun little addition to the party activities.

All in all, this was such a fun party for Nova. I don't think she quite grasped what was going on though. When we started to sing happy birthday, it totally wigged her out! But as soon as we handed her a piece of cake, she was totally happy again. That's two-year-old for ya!

Going into this party all I cared about was that she had fun and that her friends had fun. Which I definitely think we achieved! We sent all the kids home with a small little goodie bag (goldfish, bubbles and fruit snacks!) and the parents were sent home with cookies. It was such a blast!

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