January 30, 2020

i n d y : s e v e n | m o n t h s

As I suspected, this past month has come with a lot of changes but in the best way possible! I'm at that point where I feel like I'm thriving a bit more. The girls are better at playing together and keeping themselves occupied long enough so that I can catch up on the house. It's so much fun watching them play and giggle together! Indy loves watching Nova and I race monster trucks across the kitchen floor. It's so cute - she tries to scoot to them quickly enough to get one but Nova usually beats her to it ;) 

Indy is feeling more and more like a person with each passing day. She's got such a bright, happy soul and we see that she is definitely going to be the little peace-keeper in our home. She makes everyone laugh and smile! Indy has also made a ton of milestone progress this past month! Basically she woke up one morning and decided she could scoot around and sit up on her own. I love it!

 sitting up independently! 

 started to babble and can say "dadadada"

 sleeps on her own for naps now - mama is so happy! 

⋒ scooting around and getting up on her knees, but not quite crawling

⋒ working on more teeth, drooling constantly!

 plays with her big sissy a lot more now and loves it

 no longer breastfeeding and we are all super content and happy about it!

I love watching her get bigger. It hasn't been as bitter-sweet this time around for me. With Nova, I felt myself clinging on to her being a baby for so long and forgot to enjoy the progress and enjoy her at that age. With Indy, I've figured out that I'm happier just enjoying her for who she is today instead of pining after who she was the moment she was born. Don't get me wrong, I love those newborn cuddles and smells but I'm learning to just enjoy each day for who they are in that moment. 

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