March 24, 2020

Toddler Activity: Wool Ball Race

Looking for a way to use those toilet paper and paper towel tubes and occupy your kids? I got your back! I always save those tubes because they are perfect for making fun activities for my toddler. This activity in particular kept her occupied for almost an hour! Is that not basically a week in toddler-time?!

This is just a list of materials needed if you wanted to make it exactly as I did. You can of course, make it however you want, with whatever materials you have available. 

Foam Poster Board

4 Paper Towel Tubes

6 Toilet Paper Tubes

Hot Glue


Washi Tape

Plug in your hot glue gun so it's ready to go when you are! Start by cutting 3 of your paper towel tubes, in half. Set those aside. Cut the additional paper towel tube in half and then those halves into thirds. So you will end up with 6 thirds. Set those aside. 

I drew arrows on the tubes that were going the direction that the wool balls will be going. From there, you should lay out your tubes onto your foam board to create your track! Once you've decided on a design, start to glue it down with the hot glue. I would suggest keeping the paper towel tube halves as straight as possible when gluing them down. Otherwise, you may glue it down in a way that could result in the ball just falling off. 

Once everything is glued down, use those thirds to attach to the toilet paper tubes to act as a guard. The balls roll down rather quickly so when you create this guard, it can continue down the track! At this point, I added the washi tape to the tops of the tubes. This was just for fun and is completely optional! 

Now time to play! This really did keep Nova occupied for so long and she was laughing through the whole thing. She loves activities like this. In order to make this activity require some work out of her, I gave her a handy scooper (you can find them in my amazon storefront by clicking on this). These are great for fine motor and concentration! It took some practice but once she got the hang of it, she loved using the handy scooper.

We used wool balls opposed to pom poms or hot wheels because the pom poms were too light and cars are too heavy. I found the wool balls on amazon! I included those in my amazon storefront as well.

Happy racing!

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Michelle | con limón, please said...

I love reusing before recycling! Great idea, momma!