May 12, 2020

Toddler Activity: Bottle Cap Matching

Using materials around the house to make these activities has proven to be more difficult that I originally thought! It pushes my creativity and resourcefulness, which I guess is a good thing. We don't love using disposable water bottles but they end up in our house from time to time. So, I figure I might as well reuse and recycle them to the best of my abilities! 

Piece of Cardboard

Ten Bottle Tops + Caps

Hot Glue

Sharpies or Paint

Glass or Other Round object

Start by cutting your cardboard into desired shape and size. I decided to do a simple rectangle that measures about 30" x 18". Then, cut your bottles just at the tip of the cap where the screw-on piece starts. You can use any shape or type of bottle caps. I ended up using the same kind for the whole board.

Use your glass or round object to trace ten circles on your cardboard. Color those in with whatever colors you prefer. I just used what I had in Sharpie colors but you can also use paint if you have that. As you can see, I wrote the names of the colors above the circles.

Write numbers one through ten on each circle, bold and same diameter as your bottle tops. Once your hot glue gun is nice and hot, attach the bottle tops to the center of each circle, being sure the align it so that your number is in the middle and visible when the cap is off.

Write the matching number on each bottle cap and screw them back on just in time for play! 

There are two main ways you can introduce this activity. One being, you can start with the caps off. Thus, having to match the cap number to the number inside the bottle top. The second way being, with the caps on and encouraging them to take each one off then proceeding to match up again!

This activity is great for fine-motor skills since they have to use those hand and finger muscles to unscrew the caps! It's also obviously great for matching and learning numbers. I recommend sitting down with them if they are younger to make sure they don't put caps in their mouths. Have fun!

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