June 14, 2020

i n d y : e l e v e n | m o n t h s

*may twentieth two-thousand-twenty*

Time is officially the enemy in our home. Well, let's be honest - it has been for a long time! Indy is eleven months today and my mind can't stop racing. I feel like I'm hanging on to every little thing she does these days just to savor the "baby stage" a little longer. I do love seeing her grow and reach more milestones, but it is just incredibly bitter-sweet (said every mother ever). 

Honestly, this month feels really similar to last month with the exception of Indy officially having her own room! If you follow me on instagram, you know that we attempted room-sharing and it completely failed. It was a really difficult two weeks but I learned a lot. I'm grateful we have the space in our home to provide separate rooms for our girls so we can all get better sleep!

 getting really close to walking! 

 loves to stick her tongue out and say "blah-blah-blah" 

 follows her sister everywhere! 

⋒ loves blueberries and peppered turkey

⋒ takes the best naps ever - let's mommy get stuff done! 

 starting to wear more 18 months size clothes, but still mainly in 12 months

This next month we are going to be focusing on getting this girl walking! At her own pace, of course. It's such a fun time and we are quickly approaching one of my favorite ages: 12-18 months. I loved this age with Nova and I nannied several babies around this age and always loved it so much! Don't worry though, I'm still savoring her at this age and hanging onto it for as long as I can!

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