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Photo by: To Bloom + Wander

September 2012, my life was about to change forever and I had no clue. I met my now husband, Ryan, through a mutual friend the very day he came home from visiting a different girl. Luckily for me, things didn't work out with her! After about a month of talking and spending more time together, he was finally ready to commit!  

Ryan & I were sitting in Ruby's Diner on the pier in Oceanside, CA when he asked me "So... what are we? Are you my girlfriend or what?" He's such a romantic! He said it much sweeter than it reads! I remember having butterflies when he would reach over to hold my hand or give me a kiss on the cheek. Those feelings have not left as I fall more & more in love with him each day.

Pictures by: To Bloom + Wander

We dated for about a year and half when we both left to serve missions for our church. This would mean we would go a little over two years without seeing each other. My mission took me to Oklahoma for 18 months and his to Virginia and North Carolina for 2 years. Saying goodbye to him was most definitely one of the scariest things I have done! 

We weren't sure where we would be in 2 years or if we would even see each other again, no matter how badly we wanted things to work out. For those 2 years we wrote letters and emails every Monday. I ended up going to school while I waiting and timing couldn't have worked out better because I finished classes the same week he came home! April 22, 2016, we were reunited and it was pure magic. I couldn't have been any happier until that evening when he asked me to be his forever! 

June 10, 2016, only 7 weeks later, we were sealed for time and all eternity in the San Diego LDS Temple! It was a magical day that I will never forget. Since then, we have lived in 4 different cities, experienced 6 different jobs between the two of us and welcomed our beautiful daughters, Nova Violet and Indy Renate into our family. Life has been beautiful with Ryan and I want to capture all of it! 


Nelly said...

Aww, such beautiful story of commitment via long distance. You guys really wanted to make things work. Thanks for sharing.

Lauren Fullerton said...

Thanks so much! We are so grateful it'll worked out the way that it did :)