November 2, 2016

fullertons in the making: the beginning

Hello world! Well, at least a small part of the world ;) Today is November 2nd, 2016. I've started 3 blogs before today and never kept up with any of them. One about baking, one about my adventures in 2012 and one about my interior design career. I either gave up to quickly to even start or had quite a few posts and eventually died out of the habit of posting. 

Well, today, on November 2nd, I've decided that because there has been so much change and happiness in my life lately, it's time to commit and share! I'm not an extra-ordinary girl or have amazing adventures every day to share but this blog isn't for others as much as it is for me. For me to talk about marriage, trying new things, struggling with bills, wanting a baby (!!!) and other things that happen when you begin adulthood. 

Five months ago this next week, I was married to my best friend of four years. We were sealed in the San Diego California Temple on June 10 and every moment of that day was magical.

 As we go through the blog, I'll share much more about us, how we met and how we got where we are today! So far, I have absolutely loved being married! It's a new challenge every day with getting to know new little things about each other and keeping up with the many household chores. Ever since I was young, I always fantasized about my future husband. What he would look like, the things he would say, the many flowers he would bring me after a long day of work. My expectations were always high and still are in some ways but my sweet husband lives up to them as much as he can! 

There have been so many times where we have fought about some really ridiculous things but in the end, how we resolve it, really shows how strong our relationship is. I'm not saying that we scream or throw things, not even close, but like every couple, we occasionally have little tiffs and arguments. It's totally normal and such a big part of the first few months, or years, of marriage. 

Recently, I've seen or heard about many couples getting divorced because of that exact reason: they fight too often and they are no longer happy. I can't say that every relationship is the same, because they are not, but I feel so much for these couples. A few had only given their marriage 10-12 months until they finally decided it was no longer what they wanted. Too often we stray away from the idea of counseling or outside help. We simply give up. It's kind of part of our natural man. I often think, what would have changed for these couples if they had given it a shot? Again, I am not saying that everyone is the same. Especially in the instances where abuse or adultery take place. I've just learned, in the short amount of time I've been married and from watching my parents whom have been married for 42 years, that marriage is hard work.

Just like everything else in life, marriage will not come easily. Sure, is it easy to help around the house? Is it easy to tell your spouse you love them? Of course! What isn't easy is when we disagree, misunderstand and are impatient. My wonderful mother-in-law has recently been saying (I'm totally paraphrasing here!), that who we truly are is defined by the way we react to the challenges of life. Isn't that true? That has resonated with me when I begin to grow impatient with my husband or feel my misunderstanding growing into anger. I'm not a perfect preacher of these things but they are things that I believe are true! 

Marriage is hard. I will never pretend that it's easy for us or make you believe that our life is perfect. It is certainly not. But I strongly believe in the potential for it to become perfect in the next life as I try my hardest and my husband does equally. Now that that rant is out of the way, welcome to my blog! My next adventure. Not sure what'll happen. It'll probably be boring at times but isn't that what life's all about?

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