January 18, 2017

26 reasons for loving you

We celebrated my husband's birthday for what felt like 2 weeks straight! It was so much fun to pamper him and make sure he knows he is loved. We started the celebrating simple by going on a hike with his family and eating cake, playing games and spending time with them. The hike was really beautiful. Elfin Forest is where we went and to be honest, I'm not sure why they call it a forest. There is nothing forest about that hike! However, it was beautiful and we were able to look out pretty far over the San Marcos/Escondido area. We went to dinner on his birthday, had my parents over the next day and spent the entire weekend out in a cabin with our friends to celebrate his and my birthday that's coming up. 

Because Ryan's birthday was so special this year with it being our first one to celebrate as a married couple, I decided I wanted to do something I've never done before. With all of the baking and cooking that I do, I've never actually decorated a cake before! I've iced a homemade cake and thrown on a few sprinkles on it and voilĂ ! You have a cake. But I've never taken the time to actually decorate a cake with fondant and making it look like something. So, I wanted to do this for Ryan's special week! If you know Ryan at all, you know that he likes sloths. The slow little creatures crack him up! That is where the inspiration came from and I've gotta say, I was really happy with the outcome. 

Working with fondant was sort of a nightmare, in my case. I put just a little too much water in my mixture but I learned for the next time. Here is the recipe I used to make homemade fondant:

Now, I guess, would be a great time to get to the point of this post! Ryan turned 26-years-old. He woke up that morning and looked at me, very concerned, and said, "In four years, I'll be thirty...". I'm so glad he still knows basic math ;) Life is going by so quickly but we're grateful for the time we have at this age to make memories and look forward to the years in our thirties, too. 

1. He is kind.
2. He loves the gospel of Jesus Christ. 
3. He is aware of his weaknesses and tries to be better.
4. He is strong, emotionally and physically. ;)
5. Family is the most important to him.
6. He makes me and everyone around him laugh!
7. He's so silly and is hardly every too serious.
8. His dance moves put Michael Jackson to shame. 
9. He's smart.
10. He is humble, even in situations when most people are not.
11. He only yells or shouts when he's being a goof.
12. He wants to badly to be the best person he can be.
13. He's the best at giving sincere compliments.
14. He's fair.
15. He passions that he works on & develops into skills.
16. He's helpful.
17. He has the biggest heart I know.
18. He can eat which puts my cooking to good use!
19. He's laid back and calm but not so much that he's boring.
20. If it were my world, he would win for world's best cuddler.
21. He works so hard to provide for our little family.
22. He honors and values his Priesthood.
23. He's a wise spender.
24. Instead of depending on others or his situation, he chooses to be happy.
25. He's respectful. 
26. Above all, I love who he is, what he stands for and who is becoming.

I love you Ryan Bradley! I'm so happy you chose me to spend eternity with and that I get to be there for all the happy times, hard times and every time in between.

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