November 8, 2017

n o v a : o n e | m o n t h

Sleepless nights, smiles, tears, laughter, joy. I never thought I could experience and feel so much in just a short 31 days. Nova is one month old! As I write this, she is snuggled up in my arms, dreaming away. I always wonder what she dreams about. I look down at her and fall in love all over again. She’s already changed so much! 

I’ve tried convincing myself that holding her tight enough will force her to stay this small forever. I know better than to believe that is true, but a girl can dream. Ryan and I have loved getting to know this sweet little girl and are constantly in disbelief that she is ours. I’m always amazed how we created someone so beautiful and perfect. Every time I look at Nova, my heart feels like it is going to burst! My life feels so much more full with her in it. 

|  h e r  f i r s t  m o n t h  |

still wearing newborn clothes and diapers

weighs 7 lbs. 5 oz., 21 inches

loves snuggling with daddy 

smiles ALL the time! 

has learned the difference between night and day

farts so loud - it makes mommy and daddy laugh so hard!

fascinated with the glow of the tv and rotation of ceiling fans 

only likes being swaddled if her arms or hands are free 

loves to be wrapped up on mommy 

Here’s to surviving one month with a newborn! Every day is so different with Nova. Some days she’s up and some days she’s down. I’m learning to “go with the flow” and that my life is going to be unorganized for a little while. I’m learning to be okay running on just a few hours of sleep. I’m just learning. Everything is new but I am so glad I have such a sweet husband and baby to learn and grow with. I love my little family and I wouldn’t trade this last month or any moment moving forward, for anything. 

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