December 11, 2017

n o v a : t w o | m o n t h s

While pregnant with Nova, people would always remind me to enjoy that time. I couldn’t look past the swollen feet, loss of breath anytime I moved and back pain. Now I think back to being pregnant and miss her kicks, the little hiccups and that feeling of reality during ultrasounds! When Nova was born, that advise came again. Now, 2 months later, I’m desperately trying to hold onto every moment with her. Each time she smiles, sleeps in my arms or even when she just breathes, my heart explodes! She has become my entire world and I absolutely love it! 

That first month, and even a few weeks following, were so hard. There is no sugar-coating it. I was really struggling with breastfeeding, postpartum depression and feeling completely inadequate. “It’ll get better” always seemed like a lie everyone was in on together just to make me feel better! Well, it has gotten better, no one was lying and I no longer feel completely inadequate. I’m doing this! Every day I wake up and care for my sweet girl!

This weekend, Ryan blessed Nova. It was beautiful. She wore the same dress that I wore when I was blessed as a baby. Everything about Saturday the 9th made my heart melt. Nova was so good the whole time and loved meeting new faces. She looked gorgeous and brought such a strong spirit into our home. Ryan and I collapsed on the couch after a long weekend and just talked about how much we love our daughter. Our DAUGHTER. Those words are still foreign to me. Sometimes it hits us hard. Some days I’m still in disbelief that I am a mom. We’re so grateful and blessed to have Nova. To be her parents is so rewarding. She is the light of our lives! 

| h e r  s e c o n d  m o n t h |

9 lbs. 14 oz. 22 inches long

sleeps through the night with 1-2 dream feeds!

learning how to use a binky

can roll from stomach to back!

loves watching mommy cook in the kitchen

is the happiest baby in the morning!

smiles and talks A LOT 

hates it when mommy leaves the room

loves when daddy comes home for snuggle time!

Each day with this girl is the best. There really are no *bad* days. How can they be bad when she looks at me with those big eyes and smiles! Now, excuse me while I go indulge in some chocolate because it’s a victory I got this done, even if it was three days late ;)

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