January 9, 2018

n o v a : t h r e e | m o n t h s

How is this even possible?! In so many ways, these three months have rushed on by but also it feels like Nova has been part of our lives forever. This month, her little personality has really begun to shine and it is BEAUTIFUL. She is such a happy little lady. First thing in the morning, she smiles and giggles as Ryan & I talk to her. It is the best way to wake up! Even when she’s upset, she can’t keep herself from smiling. It’s adorable. 

Nova had her first Christmas and New Years! Of course, she had absolutely no idea what was going on but all the firsts are so fun, no matter what! I am really looking forward to next year when she’s running around and more able to enjoy everything. This year it was all about looking at all the pretty lights on the trees and listening to Christmas music. It’s been fun watching her be so curious about everything! One of the cutest things she’s discovered is our puppy. Just last week, she finally realized that Scout was a living thing, not just a white puff ball that runs around her.

This past month, Nova has proven to us how determined she is to stay tiny! She’s gaining weight consistently but is just a tiny baby. We’ve been reassured that she’s healthy so we are enjoying all [almost] 11 pounds of her! I don't find myself ever too upset about it. If she is happy and healthy then I'm grateful to have her little just a bit longer!

| h e r  t h i r d  m o n t h |

10 lbs. 13 oz. 24 inches long

wearing 0-3 months & some 3 month clothing

is happy ALL the time

loves to sing along with mommy

started to giggle, coo & gurgle 

grabbing toys & our fingers

smiles so big when daddy kisses her chubby cheeks! 

has been rolling from front to back for about a month now

absolutely loves bath time!

The biggest challenge this past month has been learning Nova’s schedule... or lack-there-of. She’s still not quite at the age where I feel comfortable forcing a schedule on her. Right now, it’s all about nursing on demand, tummy time and random naps. The only thing that has been consistent is our bedtime routine, which she loves. I’ve been extremely lucky to get at least 8 hours of sleep every night. Sometimes more! Nova really is an amazing baby and I am so grateful for her!

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