March 19, 2018

Baby's First Easter Basket

In the spirit of tradition, I’ve put together a fun Easter basket for my five-month-old! This will be her first Easter and I couldn't be more excited! I know what you’re thinking. Yes, I am aware that she has no idea what is going on but it’s fun! Is there anything cuter than baby toys, books or clothes?? And all wrapped up in a basket?! Not in my world! A lot of what I put together were things I was already planning on getting her for the 6-9 month age. The basket is purely for cuteness overload. 

While deciding what to put in Nova's Easter Basket, I decided to stick with four basic categories as we enter this new phase of babyhood. Clothes and accessories, baby food essentials, baby books and learning activities, and toys. This made shopping so much easier for myself rather than walking around the store looking for ideas day after day!

Clothes and accessories were easy! Shopping for Nova (or baby girls in general) is dangerous but I was able to find really affordable outfits at our local Wal*Mart. I also included a drool bib because teething is serious business and requires it's own wardrobe! Baby food essentials came at a perfect time! Nova will be turning six months old one week following Easter! We currently feed her small portions of puréed fruits and vegetables that I make at home. These cute pouches of prepared baby food always catch my eye! I decided to grab a few so we can keep them in the diaper bag for emergency snack time! Babyganics face, hand and baby wipes are my favorite to keep on hand. They are a safe and gentle alternative to using regular baby wipes for their delicate faces and hands! 

Lastly, I ordered some board books and first word flash cards off of Amazon. All under $5 and mama's favorite! I love reading to Nova during the day before her naps and the flashcards will be great for her to learn new words as soon as she can! During this stage, Nova loves anything soft! I found this little llama while running around the store and gave it to Nova when she became fussy. She was immediately calmed down and for only $3, it didn't put a dent in my budget. I bought some bubbles from the dollar tree to see if they would peak her interest. Not quite yet but I think eventually those will become our new outdoor activity! 

For a little DIY in this basket, I took some plastic eggs and made baby shakers. Using hot glue, I closed the holes. I filled a couple up with rice and a few with dry beans. Use hot glue around the edges before closing the egg and there you have it! DIY Easter Egg Shakers
Disclaimer: Eggs may pop open and become a choking hazard. Always supervise your baby while playing with egg shakers.

Assembling the basket was probably my favorite part! I skipped the classic plastic wrap around the bag to prevent any suffocation hazard. I included a sweet bow on top and was done!

March 8, 2018

n o v a : f i v e | m o n t h s

I’m almost too tired from the past month to write this. Holy.. was her four months long. The four month sleep regression hit our house hard. Poor Nova. Poor me. Poor Ryan. It was hard on all of us! That on top of Nova’s tummy problems, there was a whole lot of learning going on. It took me back to when she was a newborn. Constantly scrolling through articles, blog posts, Facebook groups and google just for a little advice. 

 But, man do I love this baby. Nova is my everything. Even on the hardest days, her smile cures it all. She is truly blossoming into a beautiful soul. Everyday is a new adventure in her eyes and I love it. We could all learn something from these little babes. 

 | h e r  f i f t h  m o n t h | 

giggling and laughing any chance she gets

loves when mommy and daddy tickle her tummy!

tried apples, avocado, pears, carrots and peaches - she loves it all!

still loves to be swaddles up!

becomes really angry when mommy walks out of the room 

loves when daddy rocks her to sleep

is sitting up with very little support!

does not enjoy sleeping alone... like ever. 

We've made it to five months with SO much drool and no teeth to show for it! I'm sure the time for teeth poppin' isn't far off. I'll just keep catching drool in my food, hair, hands and just about everywhere else, while we wait. Seriously. Mama's - you know what I'm saying. It is EVERYWHERE. Drool and poop seem to be popular with Ms Nova. Girlfriend had a blowout every day last week! You just have to laugh in those moments and walk away knowing that won't be the last time this happens. 

Nova's at the point where she wants to be constantly entertained. It's so cute - I love watching her grow interest in the littlest parts of life. She’s teaching me charity, happiness and patience. Oh, is she teaching me patience. Such is life with children, am I right?