April 9, 2018

n o v a : s i x | m o n t h s

{ "There's only one thing more precious than our time and that's who we spend it on." -Leo Christopher }

Those words rang true for me this weekend while I thought about Nova turning six months old. Half of one year?! How does this happen?! Literally, I say this every month. She is growing and changing every day so my time with her right now is oh, so precious. I've noticed how easily I get wrapped up in my day-to-day house duties and trying to make time for myself that I forget to just stop and enjoy the little moments I have with my little girl. 

Nova's sixth month was really bittersweet. There was so much good. She learned new skills and continues to blossom. There were also a lot of hard things. We learned how terrible she is at sleeping! It got to the point where I wasn't sleeping and I felt like I sat on the rewind button and couldn't find the remote. It was newborn sleep deprivation all over again and it's been rough. Nova is so happy all of the time but when she doesn't get the sleep she needs, just like any other baby, she is really hard to please! On top of that, I was struggling with not ever having alone time. When you're with your baby all day long, and I mean all day long, it's hard when you don't even have a few minutes to yourself! She wouldn't let me put her down for naps, or to play or let me cook dinner. You start to go a little crazy!

Thankfully, we have begun sleep training her after trying several other methods. Now we are crossing our fingers this one sticks! Either way, I've decided to let it go. Whatever happens, happens. Everyday that Nova is happy and healthy means I'm doing this right. If you love your baby and do your absolute best, can you even be doing it wrong? Even when it's tough and I haven't gotten more than a few hours of sleep, she never fails to make my days better. Her innocent view of life and sweet smile can get me through anything!

 | h e r  s i x t h  m o n t h |

wearing 3-6 and some 6 month clothing - almost 26 inches long!

scooting herself everywhere with a little bit of time on her knees but not quite crawling

still no teeth! but you won't hear me complain ;)

tried peas, green beans, sweet potatoes, broccoli and mangoes!

sitting up all on her own and can pull herself up to standing position

said "hi" to mommy! and babbles "mamama" when fussy

knows when it's play time and does not want it to end!

learning how to pet the puppy gently and be sweet to animals

Do you see that red hair?? I have a mini-me! Finally she's getting her hair back and it's adorable. It sticks up and I don't even brush it down anymore. She has started to pull her headbands off though so we'll see how much longer those stay a daily accessory. You can tell in this picture that she started to pull it down on the left. That's why her ear is missing!

At six months old this girl has more spunk and personality than most adults do! She definitely has her preferences and is not afraid to let you know what they are! But she loves people and will be so sweet to anyone she sees. I have a feeling she's going to change the world one day ;) I love you, my Nova Violet. Keep growing, keep smiling and always remember who you are.