July 10, 2018

n o v a : n i n e | m o n t h s

I was just here, sitting at my computer, putting together Nova's eight month update yesterday. I swear it was yesterday! Seriously, where is the time going?! (Anyone keeping track of how many times I've said that?) This month flew by faster than most and I'm already beginning to plan her first birthday! What is this?! Okay, maybe I'm a little ahead of schedule but I'm a planner at heart. It is really exciting to plan too, so that's a bonus ;)

Nova is such a joy. She's been giving lots of hugs and kisses which make me melt. It makes me cry almost every time she leans in, wraps those tiny arms around my neck and lays her head on my shoulder. Can she get any sweeter?! Every time I get her up from her naps or first thing in the morning, she reaches up and gives the best cuddles. I mean it when I say she is sweet. 

| h e r  n i n t h  m o n t h |

 learned to say "dada" on father's day!

 still nursing and loving it

 can say "apple" "bubbles" "puppy" but never knows what she's saying

♡ loves to make funny noises with her tongue and lips!

 working on her top teeth coming in

 loves to feed herself finger foods like ham, turkey, feta and any fruit!

♡ gets a little overwhelmed meeting new people but quickly warms up to them

 climbs stairs all on her own, with mama or dada right there of course

♡ learned how to turn the light switches on and off

Everyday she is learning something new and it is so fun to watch her curiosity grow into knowledge. Nova is advanced on a lot of her milestones and it makes me so proud! Being her mama is my biggest honor in this life and I am so grateful that God has trusted me with this sweet spirit to raise. It doesn't mean it's easy... I still struggle but honestly, it is so worth it - even if that's a cliché. I love my job being Nova Violet's mama!

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