August 30, 2018

Behind the Gram: Part One

Happy almost Fall everyone!! Okay, I realize the first day of fall isn't until September 22 but for me, as soon as September 1st hits, I'm pulling out all the Fall decor! In honor of Summer 2018, I wanted to go back and share "Behind the Gram". This is something I've seen a lot of different bloggers do and I thought this was a fun way to add a little realism to the blog ;) Basically, I'll be going through my favorite Instagram posts from this summer and sharing a little behind the scenes with y'all.  I plan to share these at the end of every season so let me know if you like this one by leaving a comment below!

First, I want to say thank you to everyone who follows me on Instagram! That sounds so silly but I mean it. I am able to work with some amazing brands and shops that I love because of you! I only ever collaborate with brands or shops that I really love and care about. It's such a great way for me to share with you some products that have made a difference for us. So, THANK YOU! Y'all are amazing! Okay, we'll just jump right into it, yeah? :)

We love patriotic holidays around here ;) She is so little - I can't get over it! She was actually super happy this day, so the faces don't lie. This was right around the time that I started to take my blog and Instagram brand more seriously. Since then, I've been able to work on a lot of collabs (many more coming!) and even more importantly, I feel more like myself than I have in a long time. Setting goals and working hard helps me to feel a lot of purpose! 

This was taken obviously on Fourth of July but what you can't see is poor Nova's scrapped head and bruised eye :( I talked about it on my Instagram just before this post but if you didn't know, this summer Nova fell at the waterpark. Out of her stroller. Onto concrete. Yeah, I was feeling pretty crappy about myself that week. It was awful! I think I cried more than she did but the mom guilt was strong. Thank goodness babies are very resilient and she's such a happy baby! I am so grateful she was free of any permanent damage or a concussion. But this day that this picture was taken, was the first day that I finally felt better about things and let it go and had the best day! 

If I showed you how many outtakes there were from this photo.. well I wouldn't because it's an embarrassing number! Most of them are from Ryan holding the letter board on our bed so I could tell him where to hold the camera! This post actually is really special to me because it was the first time I hit 300+ likes! Such a silly thing to say, I know. But I don't care because it was exciting for me!

This was taken just before I started to get Nova ready for bed and the caption says it all: it was crazy-pants. I mean it was BANANAS. Nothing would make that cute girl smile except to be in my arms, staring at herself in the mirror! I was smiling here and really I was okay, just a little overwhelmed by the day with a fussy baby. But the moment I laid her down and walked out of her room, I climbed into Ryan's lap and sobbed for a good five minutes. Not because I was sad or really even upset. It was just one of those times where you needed to cry because crying felt good. Once I felt better, he went and got us dinner (because that's what kind of day it was) and brought home ice cream. & at the end of it, I was just grateful for an amazing husband and a sleeping baby!

Just thinking about the behind the scenes of this one makes me crack up! If you flipped this picture upside down, you'd more easily notice that Nova's headband is pushed really far back and make her forehead look HUGE! So I just flipped it upside down because she is SO CUTE. Also, this was taken on a Friday afternoon, not Sunday morning sooo... :)

That wraps up some of my favorite pics from this summer! Hope you liked this little behind-the-scenes of my Instagram :) Just a little sneak-peek for you, I'll be posting this coming Monday, September 3rd (Labor Day) on Instagram and over here for a GIVEAWAY! I'll be teaming up with to give one lucky winner a free 3-month diaper and wipes subscription! I hope you all enter because that is an amazing prize! Anyways, everyone have a wonderful holiday weekend!

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Unknown said...

I love how real & raw this is! The blogging world needs more of this! Hope y'all have a great LDW!!