August 16, 2018

Our Favorite Baby Shops

Thank you to Ellie & Coco Boutique for sponsoring this post!

If you are familiar with my blog or instagram, you would know that I love dressing my little Nova in bows and giving her the best toys and books! I wouldn't consider myself "picky" when it comes to shopping for her, but rather particular ;) After trying several different types of products, finding these sweet shops has made shopping for accessorizing and play-time much easier!

I've always been a huge supporter of small businesses. There is something about them that I love so much more than shopping at big retailers. It could be the personal conversations I can have with them about their products or the fact that I know they were made with love! Bill Rancic once said, "I’m a big fan of small business ownership. I think it’s the backbone of American innovation. But to be successful, you first have to have the courage to go for it." These small business owners have definitely gone for it! Every single one of these shops I'm sharing with you have excellent products so let's get right into it!

 E L L I E  &  C O C O   B O U T I Q U E 

We need to talk about how adorable these custom teething rings and smoothies are!! There are several shops that sell wooden baby toys or teethers but this is the first shop that I have found that will customize it for you. Samantha takes time to get to know her customers and makes sure each item is perfect for your little one! On her Etsy page, you will find a wide variety of bows, headbands, pacifier clips and wooden teethers. Everything is so unique and clean. 

I absolutely love this personalized teether and soothie she sent to us. It couldn't have been more perfect because Nova loves muslin cotton and the fabric on these teethers is so similar to that. In just one day, this teether has made it's way around our home in the tightest grip of the tiniest hands. Nova loves her new teether! I could tell right away it was helping her with soothing her gums more than her other teething toys. The best part is, when she is done using it, it is the perfect keep-sake for her baby box that is personal to her and she doesn't have to share with future siblings ;)

How cute is it that her new headband bow matches her teether?! The bow is chunky and the nylon is a great quality that I know will last a really long time. It looks so cute on my little lady's head!  The shop owner is really on top of her orders and tries to get them all out as quickly as possible! Trust me, your little babe needs this personalized teething ring in their life! & for your sanity, you do too!

Thank you again to Ellie & Coco Boutique!

B O W S   B Y   K I M B E R L Y

photographs taken by J Michelsen Photography
Bows by Kimberly makes the cutest little bows for your sweet girl! The exciting thing about their bows is that they are meant to grow with your baby! In each set, alligator clips are included so that when your child is ready for clip-in bows, all you have to do is cut the nylon and slip in the clip. It is as easy and convenient as that! The nylon on these headbands is much thiner than most of the headbands we have for Nova which is a nice feature!

Kimberly makes the ordering process simple! Bows by Kimberly sells through Instagram so be sure to check them out there to make a purchase! 

L A T T E R - D A Y   B A B Y

If you are out looking for sweet, Christian books for your child and have a hard time finding them, well look no further! This sweet little shop has three baby books available right now. For $10, your baby can learn about Joseph Smith, the LDS Temple around the world or the Book of Mormon! We love bringing these books with us to church so Nova can learn about what we love about our church so much! The illustrations are simple and perfect for this age Nova is in.

B A B Y   F A B

While I do love to buy organic cotton from time-to-time, it is so expensive! Honestly, that is why I love Babyfab so much. Their prices are hard to beat and they have a wide selection from rompers to dresses and sweats for your baby! They always have a selection from $9.99 and under which I love. I bought a jumpsuit from them and it lasted so long! The variety and adorable prints are so cute and really make me wish they had my size! Another bonus is you get FREE SHIPPING on all orders!

This jumper doesn't fit anymore so this picture from April will have to do ;)

Go check out all of these wonderful ladies and give them some love! Supporting small businesses is supporting families and individuals. Thanks so much for reading!

*Disclaimer: I received free product in exchange for my honest review*


Unknown said...

These look like some great shops! Loving all the bright colors!

Samantha said...

Thank you so much for the kind words about me and my shop. I'm so glad that Nova loves her personalized teether!

Cassandra Andrews said...

These are such cute baby items! I love finding cute shops I can get good quality baby products from!

Marissa BusheƩ said...

Love it when we support small shops! Thank you for highlighting these!

Tyese said...

I will definitely keep these shops in mind for my Christmas shopping!

Chelsea said...

These small shops are so sweet! I love how hard small shop owners work!