August 24, 2018

The Perfect Gift

Thank you so much to Hooray Heroes for sponsoring this post!

If there is anything to know about me, it is that I am an extremely sentimental person. I hold on to movie tickets from dates with my husband, every little note written to me and journals from different stages of my life. I have a box for Nova that has her first outfit, hospital records, pictures and a journal I kept while I was pregnant up until now. I do it because imagine her finding those things and enjoying the memories as well! I hope to inspire her to record and remember things from her life that are personal to her. 

With Nova's first birthday just around the corner, and yes I teared up typing that out, I have been on the hunt for the perfect gift! I wanted to ensure that her gifts were a reflection of how much she means to me and that is when I found Hooray Heroes. They are an amazing company whose mission is to make every child feel special through their very own, personalized book! How stinkin' cute and creative is that?!

Hooray Heroes were sweet enough to send us a personalized book just for Nova titled, "When Nova Grows Up"! Their website makes it easy for anyone to personalize their child and themselves as the mother. You get to go through and choose ten potential futures for your child like will she be a Vet? A race-car driver? Or a Professor? 

Hooray Heroes created a book to help your toddler while potty training and in their own words, "brings potty training to a whole new level"! "Bye Bye Binky" is another great book for helping your child kick the habit of using a pacifier. They just releasing their sibling book and a new personalized Christmas book will be released October 1st!

Of course, my absolute favorite part was being able to write my sweet Nova a personalized note that was printed at the very beginning of the book. Even though she can't read it now, I love the idea of that when she can, she will read those words and remember them forever. This is such a special way to tell your children how much you care about them and how much you cherish them. There is nothing sweeter than a gift that accomplishes all of that and that is exactly why it was our favorite gift for Nova's first birthday!

You can find Hooray Heroes on Instagram and on their website:

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Unknown said...

I love this idea! Esp for a first birthday. Our son loves books so I'll be looking into these for sure!

Cassandra Andrews said...

I just ordered one of these books for my little boys! They are so special!

Shauna Bligh said...

Wow this is such a great idea!!! I’m going to remember this when we start potty training!!!