October 3, 2018

Reading to Your Infant

Okay, lets get really real right now. I used to be awful about reading to Nova. It seemed like such a chore and she would never sit still! We also only had about 5 board books and the rest were filled with pages that were ready to be ripped to shreds. Reading at an early age was, at one point, not our strong suit. 

One day I was listening to a speech therapist talk about how important reading to our infants is. One piece of advice she shared really resonated with me. She said, "Even if your baby or child doesn't seem interested and walks away, let them. Continue to read. They will make their way back eventually and if they don't, they still hear you reading to them." I tried it out for a few weeks and eventually Nova became infatuated with reading! Once stubborn and uninterested, she now brings books to me to read to her! 

Oftentimes, I have a difficult time finding good books that are exciting and beneficial without spending tons of money. The Bookroo Subscription Box has really made that much simpler. This is a monthly subscription box that brings 2-3 books right to your door! They make it easy by allowing you to select what type of books you would like to receive dependent on your child's age and needs. 

I also loved receiving Nova's first box because of how adorable it arrived! Packaged in the beautiful blue box with a large print of their logo, you open it up to find your books wrapped individually! It felt like a birthday present and really personal. I know that as Nova gets older, she will look forward to receiving her very own subscription box! 

Picture from Bookroo.com

In a world full of electronics and social media, it is becoming drastically more important to get our children excited about reading. Something to consider if you are struggling with reading to your infant, is how much of a benefit it is to your baby! Even though they may not understand what you are saying, reading aloud:

• teaches a baby about communication •
• encourages listening, vocabulary skills, memory •
• introduces numbers, letters, colors and shapes •
• builds brain activity and encourages learning •

Be sure to check out Bookroo for the perfect gift to yourself or a friend and encourage your baby to learn! Something I have loved about reading to Nova everyday is that I feel an overwhelming amount of accomplishment. Every day does not go perfectly but if I have done my part in helping her learn, I know I did at least that one thing right. 

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Unknown said...

This is great to know. I have some room for improvement on reading to my 11 month old. This will push me to be better❤️