October 5, 2018

n o v a : t w e l v e | m o n t h s

The day has come. My baby is one and I am in complete denial. I sincerely feel like we just brought her home while at the same time feel as though she was always here. Nova Violet Fullerton is quite possible the sweetest and funniest baby I have ever known. I am extremely proud to be her mom and am overjoyed that she is my daughter. 

When Ryan and I first met Nova, everything felt right. In just one year, she has taught us more about ourselves and life than we could have ever thought possible. Ryan has such a sweet spot in his heart for his little girl. My capacity to love has grown wildly. These babies truly are pure magic.  

| her twelfth month |

weighs eighteen and a half pounds + twenty-eight and a half inches tall 

she is walking! prefers to crawl but can walk independently 

loves to play peek-a-boo 

can now say "please" but doesn't understand what it means

♡ knows how to sign "thank you" just chooses not to! 

♡ favorite meal right now: chicken, mozzarella + blueberries

♡ almost into twelve month clothes and loves wearing shoes!

 loves when mommy counts "1...2...3" + then tickles her!

♡ really enjoys being independent but still loves snuggling with daddy 

♡ still the most sweet, kind and happy baby since day one

Watching Nova love and learn about the world around her is a magical thing. She is so innocent and sweet while also maintaining a very strong personality. My mom always says Nova is someone who already knows exactly what she wants! I am excited to be raising a strong, independent woman ;) I am especially excited to watching her continue to grow and learn during this next year. Watch out world! She's going to do big things :) 

A one-year-old is so many things,
a tiny discoverer of butterfly wings,
a hugger of teddies, a sweet sleepyhead,
and someone to dream for in bright years ahead…

A special new person who, right from the start,
has a place in the family and, of course, in your heart.

And, just when you think that you’ve learned all the things
that your dear one is and the joy that they bring,
a hug or a grin comes with such sweet surprise
that love finds you smiling  with tears in your eyes!
-author unknown-

I love you so much my sweet Nova Violet. Happy first birthday.

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