January 23, 2019

The Reality of Mothering a One-Year-Old

Disclaimer: Every child + mother is different. This is in no way implying that there is a universal experience to mothering a one-year-old. Just my reality ;)

Let's face it: No matter what age, personality or gender, kids are tough. Mothering is complicated and full of unexpected challenges around every corner. When my first was just a newborn, sleep deprivation was my weakness. As she got older, finding things she liked to eat became the new challenge. It's always something new! Once she turned one, I feel like she woke up and thought to herself, time to pull out the big guns. She is a spitfire that is difficult to tame. Mothering a one-year-old can be hell some days, if I'm being honest. And yes, to all you mothers of older children, I am aware that it only gets lovelier. So please, keep your snickering to yourselves ;)


They scream and cry until they get EXACTLY what they want. They will scream if there diaper is dirty and proceed to scream as you change said diaper. They. Will. Scream.

They will absolutely love the food you slaved over last night for them, but give it to them the next day... forget it. They will act as if you are serving them literal crap. 

Oh, and it will end up on the floor, even if they do like it.

Speaking of eating, you think, "Wow! You ate all your food!" staring at their empty plate. Then as you lift them up, all the turkey, cheese, peaches and veggies straws are sitting in their seat. It's also down their pants because that's a new trick!

The days you bother to do your hair, it very quickly ends up in a messy bun. The concept of "stop pulling my hair!!" has just not registered in that tiny brain yet. It also will end up with applesauce, dirty dish water and boogers in it, if you're lucky. Which is why you feel like a new woman every single time you step out of the shower.

Have a good variety of toys and books for your toddler? It won't matter. The tv remote, trash can and syrup bottle they found are much more fun and entertaining. 

Most days I end up on the couch after what felt like the longest day and have to decompress for a few minutes. I think back on all the things that made that day good, bad, ugly, beautiful. Most days really are amazing. Nova makes me laugh and gives me the best hugs and kisses. She is so super sweet and loves to snuggle. We eat snacks together and read a lot of books. The little things that make motherhood challenging are just moments. 

On the hard days I remind myself that it's okay to cry. It's okay to indulge in some chocolate or ice cream or diet coke. It's okay to not be totally okay. That's just motherhood. I'm still learning every day. I am not the perfect example of learning from my trials but if I have learned anything it is that I am doing a great job. Regardless of the tantrums or food on the floor, I love this child with all I've got. Mama, you are doing a great job. Love that baby with all you've got and remember to laugh during the trials. 

"To all mothers in every circumstance, including those who struggle - and all will - I say, be peaceful. Believe in God and YOURSELF. You are doing better than you think you are." 
Jeffery R Holland

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