April 25, 2019

Fears of Having Two Under Two

Growing up, I begged my mom for a younger sibling. I am the youngest of five, with huge age gaps. By the time my sister closest in age to me was off to college, I was still learning how to navigate middle school. Even with this being my upbringing, I never imagined having my children so close in age. To be fair, I never really imagined about my children beyond the fact that I knew I wanted them!

If this baby comes around their due date, Nova and her baby sister will be about 21 months apart. So, I will only have two under two for about 3 months but it still scares the crap out of me! With how demanding Nova is now for my attention, I worry about being able to care for the baby and her without stretching myself too thin. I worry about how Nova is going to treat the baby and if she will understand to be soft with her. I worry that I'll be able to do enough and be enough for now two children. It terrifies me.

However, I haven't allowed those fears to fester or to take hold of me. Instead, I'm focusing on the positive and constantly reminding myself that I've been through it already! I now know what it is like to have a newborn so mentally preparing for it is a little more realistic than it was with my first. I recently read a blog post over at sleepingshouldbeeasy.com that helped put some of my fears at ease! You can find the exact article here: How to Balance the Needs of Both Toddler and Newborn

Aside from the fears and preparation, I am so grateful for this little rainbow baby. I'm so grateful for Nova and I can't wait for her to become a big sister! Being a mom is quite possibly the most challenging, terrifying thing I have ever experienced. But being a mom is also the most beautiful and wonderful experience of my life. I wouldn't trade this season of my life for anything!

I also just can't wait to read this back in a few months or a year and compare this to my reality! Should be interesting ;)

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