June 12, 2019

What's in My Hospital Bag: The Second Time

Having been rushed to an induction last minute during my first pregnancy, I had to rush getting my hospital bag together. I forgot so many things but thankfully, had most of what I needed already packed from a few weeks prior. This time around, I'm not taking any chances! I've got a little over a week left and have everything but my baby! 

I love seeing what other mama's bring with them to the hospital. Everyone brings just about the same things but sometimes, you'll see something different! That's why I wanted to share my picks for myself and baby. It's possible that I overpacked a bit but I'd rather have too much versus sending my hubby to the store to grab things last minute. I don't feel like this needs much explanation to why I'm bringing what I am so everything is in list form. Here's what is in my hospital bag!

A few comfortable outfits
Flip-flops for the shower/bathroom
Comfortable Robe
Nursing bras
Fuzzy Socks

Body Wash
Loofah or Wash Cloth
Dry Shampoo
Hair Ties
Nipple Cream
Nursing Pads
Facial Wash
Under-eye Patches
Makeup Remover
Small Amount of Makeup

Extra Items:
A book/iPad for Entertainment
Always Discreet Underwear
Water Bottle
Change for Vending Machines
Nursing Pillow
Thin Blanket

An Outfit or Two
Mini Nail File
Photo Props
Burp Cloths

That's pretty much it! I didn't picture everything but you get the overall idea. A few things I am packing that I didn't last time are our camera (I know, I know!), shorts and towels. Just based off of our first experience, I think having those things will be really nice. Especially the camera. How did I forget that?!

Can't believe I'll be using all of this stuff in less than two weeks!! It just blows my mind that we are that close to meeting little sister. I can hardly wait! 

June 6, 2019

Unfinished Nursery Tour!

As much as I would love for this room to be completed, it's just not my number one priority right now! It's such a cute room so far and I'm so grateful I've been able to do what I have for Nova. I thought I'd give an update over here on my blog since I've been showing "sneak peeks" of her room on my Instagram stories. Everything you see is either a DIY or very inexpensive!

Most of everything has come together over the last almost twenty months of her life because again, not my priority room! Honestly, would she even know any different? I don't think so! This definitely is the reality of her room. You seem diapers under the changing table, sheets that don't match, her lamp and nightlight on the floor... hahah but I hate waiting until it's all put together because honestly, that may never happen! So for now, this is Nova's adorable, realistic room!

Let's start with my favorite wall: the accent wall! I found these adorable vinyl watercolor dots at Hobby Lobby for $14.99 per package. There's no way I'd ever pay full price for anything anywhere so you know I used my 40% off coupon!! Each package had 30 dots so I purchased two for $8.99 a package. So yes, I had to go two separate days in order to use the coupon twice and it was totally worth it! The "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" sheet music decor was $8 on sale at Hobby Lobby about a year ago. The flowers can also be found at Hobby Lobby and wow... I'm just now realizing how much I shop there! So, this entire wall cost be about $33 to complete. 

I found her changing table for $10 on Facebook marketplace (aka, the holy grail of cheap furniture finds)! For now, I'm using locker bins from the dollar tree. Eventually, I'd love to have square wicker or fabric baskets but for now, $6 for bins was a lot more realistic and they work great! We store her diapers and wipes here, obviously, but also lotion, diaper rash cream and pajamas.

Moving on to what I like to call her "quiet corner". I keep her favorite bedtime books in the rocking chair (which we also found on Facebook marketplace, brand new with the footstool for only $70)! This corner is purposely unfinished because once baby sissy is transitioned to her crib and Nova is in a big-girl bed, she will be on this side of the room! For now, we love snuggling up before bed to find the mouse in "Goodnight Moon". 

Nova's crib is the super simple, cheap one from IKEA but I honestly love it! We had a different crib that was given to us when we lived in California that I didn't care for but kept because it was free! When we moved, it gave me the perfect excuse to replace it with something a little more simple. Of course our baby camera is from Lollipop Baby Camera company and we love the way it looks but also that we are able to just pop on our phones to check on her! Makes life a little more simple. 

The pom-pom garland is actually from Wish.com!! Not sponsored but I actually have found some great things on there. The shipping takes a hot minute but I don't mind too much for a $1 item! Okay so my absolute favorite thing in Nova's room is her name sign!! I found Carpenter Farmhouse on etsy and they make the cutest, affordable laser-cut signs! Again, not sponsored, I paid for this myself. I can't wait to buy another one for baby girl! 

Last, but not least, the closet! Really, nothing worthy of showing off in here besides our amazing BOW DISPLAY! I mean, seriously?! We've been obsessed with Bows by Kimberly since forever and that's pretty obvious when you look into the girl's closet. We've started our collection for baby sister and y'all. It just makes me so happy to see all these so organized! We used to store them in a shoebox because I could never decide how I wanted to display them so I kept putting it off. A few weeks ago, I found some of this wood leftover from a different project and popped on some clips with hot glue and called it a day! Cost me about $1.50 to make each one. Easiest DIY ever!

Thanks so much for supporting our blog and reading this post!! If you love our bows as much as I do, you'll want to hop on over to BowsbyKimberly.com and use code "NOVA15" for 15% off your entire purchase!! Be sure to check her out on Instagram as well, she does monthly giveaways and posts different sales often! 

June 3, 2019

Bloomlife Review

Thank you to Bloomlife for sponsoring today's post!

If you've been following my journey for a while, you would know that I was induced with Nova at 39 weeks. It was scary and there were so many unknowns! I didn't think about it much then but now expecting our second little girl in about three weeks, I've been wondering what labor contractions will feel like! Of course, I felt the worst of them in the hospital, just before I got my epidural but I still don't know what it will feel like going into labor, naturally! Which is why I am so grateful to be working with Bloomlife!

Bloomlife has created a handsfree pregnancy contraction monitor you can wear in the comfort of your own home! You are sent the monitor, patches, a charger and instructions. Apply the monitor to your belly is so simple! You just attach the monitor to a patch (which can be used up to four times!) and pop it on your belly, just three fingers below your belly button.

The cool part is they have set up an app that allows you to follow along with your contractions. The app will help you time them and even give you a good idea of their strength. Once you've been using Bloomlife for a few days, you are able to look at your body's rhythms on the app, where each session is stored!

Having been using the monitor for a little over a week, I feel so much better about going into the last weeks of my pregnancy. It's an easy monitor to attach and I really do love that it is wire free! One charge lasts several sessions so I'm not having to charge it constantly. The entire product has elimanted my anxieties about going into labor and really knowing if it's labor! Especially with so many Braxton Hicks lately!

Another great thing about their company is that you rent the monitor. I think that makes so much sense! There are so many maternity products that we buy and then don't know what to do with once we have our baby! They make it really easy to return it. You are able to request a return label on the app and off it goes! Easy as that.

Bloomlife has definitely shifted the way I feel about going into the last weeks of my pregnancy and given me so much ease. I can focus on other parts of the preparation. I know that as soon as I start to wonder what type of contractions I'm experiencing, I'm able to pop on the monitor and watch my contractions, in real time.

If you'd like to try Bloomlife for yourself, they were nice enough to give my followers a coupon code! Just use "LAURENF10" for 10% off your weekly rental!