June 3, 2019

Bloomlife Review

Thank you to Bloomlife for sponsoring today's post!

If you've been following my journey for a while, you would know that I was induced with Nova at 39 weeks. It was scary and there were so many unknowns! I didn't think about it much then but now expecting our second little girl in about three weeks, I've been wondering what labor contractions will feel like! Of course, I felt the worst of them in the hospital, just before I got my epidural but I still don't know what it will feel like going into labor, naturally! Which is why I am so grateful to be working with Bloomlife!

Bloomlife has created a handsfree pregnancy contraction monitor you can wear in the comfort of your own home! You are sent the monitor, patches, a charger and instructions. Apply the monitor to your belly is so simple! You just attach the monitor to a patch (which can be used up to four times!) and pop it on your belly, just three fingers below your belly button.

The cool part is they have set up an app that allows you to follow along with your contractions. The app will help you time them and even give you a good idea of their strength. Once you've been using Bloomlife for a few days, you are able to look at your body's rhythms on the app, where each session is stored!

Having been using the monitor for a little over a week, I feel so much better about going into the last weeks of my pregnancy. It's an easy monitor to attach and I really do love that it is wire free! One charge lasts several sessions so I'm not having to charge it constantly. The entire product has elimanted my anxieties about going into labor and really knowing if it's labor! Especially with so many Braxton Hicks lately!

Another great thing about their company is that you rent the monitor. I think that makes so much sense! There are so many maternity products that we buy and then don't know what to do with once we have our baby! They make it really easy to return it. You are able to request a return label on the app and off it goes! Easy as that.

Bloomlife has definitely shifted the way I feel about going into the last weeks of my pregnancy and given me so much ease. I can focus on other parts of the preparation. I know that as soon as I start to wonder what type of contractions I'm experiencing, I'm able to pop on the monitor and watch my contractions, in real time.

If you'd like to try Bloomlife for yourself, they were nice enough to give my followers a coupon code! Just use "LAURENF10" for 10% off your weekly rental!


Danielle Deen said...

I love that you can rent it!!! This would have come in so handy with my first kiddo. We ended up with an emergency c section and I wonder if this monitor would have helped in the days leading up to those moments. Thank you for sharing. Truly a cool addition to the birthing team.

Lauren Fullerton said...

It was such a good experience using this amazing device. I definitely will be using again in the future!