June 12, 2019

What's in My Hospital Bag: The Second Time

Having been rushed to an induction last minute during my first pregnancy, I had to rush getting my hospital bag together. I forgot so many things but thankfully, had most of what I needed already packed from a few weeks prior. This time around, I'm not taking any chances! I've got a little over a week left and have everything but my baby! 

I love seeing what other mama's bring with them to the hospital. Everyone brings just about the same things but sometimes, you'll see something different! That's why I wanted to share my picks for myself and baby. It's possible that I overpacked a bit but I'd rather have too much versus sending my hubby to the store to grab things last minute. I don't feel like this needs much explanation to why I'm bringing what I am so everything is in list form. Here's what is in my hospital bag!

A few comfortable outfits
Flip-flops for the shower/bathroom
Comfortable Robe
Nursing bras
Fuzzy Socks

Body Wash
Loofah or Wash Cloth
Dry Shampoo
Hair Ties
Nipple Cream
Nursing Pads
Facial Wash
Under-eye Patches
Makeup Remover
Small Amount of Makeup

Extra Items:
A book/iPad for Entertainment
Always Discreet Underwear
Water Bottle
Change for Vending Machines
Nursing Pillow
Thin Blanket

An Outfit or Two
Mini Nail File
Photo Props
Burp Cloths

That's pretty much it! I didn't picture everything but you get the overall idea. A few things I am packing that I didn't last time are our camera (I know, I know!), shorts and towels. Just based off of our first experience, I think having those things will be really nice. Especially the camera. How did I forget that?!

Can't believe I'll be using all of this stuff in less than two weeks!! It just blows my mind that we are that close to meeting little sister. I can hardly wait! 

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