August 13, 2019

i n d y : o n e | m o n t h

Life was absolutely crazy after bringing Indy home and our life is just barely starting to feel normal again. SO... this is a month late and I will be posting her two month update in a week! Bare with me, I will get back to a normal schedule... eventually ;)

• • •

This month has been a complete blur. A really happy, beautiful blur. Indy's transition into our family has been seamless and it truly feels like she was meant to be here all along! My favorite thing about bringing Indy home was seeing how much Nova already loved her. It's been so sweet to see them together and know that I have TWO babies to love on! 

Indy has been such an easy baby. It's been such different first month than what I experienced as a new mom with Nova. Indy sleeps so well and my milk supply has been great so far! She is gaining weight and honestly hardly cries... unless her diaper is dirty! Then, she really lets you know that she isn't happy! I'm able to get a lot of sleep at night as well. She still wakes up to eat of course, but once she's fed, she's right back to sleep. She sleeps in her bassinet next to my side of the bed for the first half of the night but then just ends up in bed with us the last few hours before getting up for the day. It's what works for us right now and I am totally okay with it. I will get all the baby snuggles I can get! 

loves when her big sissy talk to her + gives her kisses! 

 does not like having a dirty diaper, even if it's just a bit wet

 loves taking sink baths

 so alert! loves looking around + staring at her zebra mobile

 wears newborn diaper + clothes

 weighs around eight pounds + is about twenty inches long

 loves nursing but takes a bottle every once in a while!

 always is making an angry face!

Indy is the perfect addition to our family. I'm so grateful she is here and that it's been such a smooth transition into becoming a family of four. FOUR! I still can't believe that number is ours. My heart is so full :) I'm not sure what the next month will be like. Babies are constantly changing but I am excited to Indy's personality grow just a bit more!