September 25, 2019

i n d y : t h r e e | m o n t h s

I've been calling Indy my little sunshine girl because she truly is P U R E sunshine. She can't help but smile, even when she's upset. If you start to smile and say "hi" to her, she cannot keep that beautiful, gummy smile away! It's seriously the happiest thing. This past month with Indy has truthfully felt like the others: a complete blur. A really happy, blissful blur!

I'm sure I'll be saying this a lot because I still do with Nova BUT, Indy's little personality is really starting to shine. I've told Ryan a few times that I see Indy being the type of person to let things roll off her shoulders. I really hope so. I wish I was more like that! Truthfully though, the second something is resolved for her (like a changed dirty diaper or she's hungry), she's happy. It doesn't take much to calm her down or keep her from crying. She's just a chill, happy soul.

 will smile the second you look at her or say "hi"

 still sleeping through the night with one or two dream feeds 

 starting to notice Nova + loves when she talks to her!

⋒ able to sit up in her bumbo for short periods of time

⋒ still has the cutest little double chin we've ever seen

⋒ gurgles + coos like it's nobody's business!

⋒ loves baths in her blooming bath - relaxes her immediately 

⋒ still breastfeeding like a champ + wearing 3 month clothes!

Indy will be going on her first flight and first vacation in just a couple weeks! She is genuinely such a good baby so here's to hoping that continues in the car and on the plane! We have loved seeing her bond more with Nova and are excited to see their sisterhood grow even stronger! We are so grateful for our sweet Indy girl. 


Corisa said...

So cute how smiley she is! I absolutely love that age!

Andreana said...

She’s so precious! My little guy is 9 months old now and I’m definitely missing this stage. Especially so because he’s our last baby so I’m soaking in as much as I can every second! xo

Lauren Fullerton said...

Me too - they are just so squishy!

Lauren Fullerton said...

Oh my gosh, I bet!! I would be too!