October 20, 2019

i n d y : f o u r | m o n t h s

To be totally honest, not a whole lot has changed from the last month for Indy besides her size! She has definitely been gaining some weight and got some deliciously cute, chubby cheeks! It's funny how when you have more than one child to take care of, the months blur together so much more. With Nova, I remembered every little detail of the different things she was doing every month. Now, I'm lucky if I remember Indy's month mark at all! I love them equally of course, just this season of motherhood is so different in comparison to how it was when I only had one. 

Indy truly is still just the happiest baby! We've had more days this month of needing to be held more but we are working on gently teaching her how to self-soothe. She's found a love for sucking on her left thumb (same one I sucked on as a babe!) and can get herself to sleep if she's fed! That's been a huge tender mercy when I need to make dinner or give Nova extra attention or, let's be honest, just be alone for a moment! But she really is just the best little baby regardless of her occasional fussiness!

 falls asleep almost instantly on car rides

 wearing 3 months clothes + just about to get into 3-6 months

 went on her first plane ride to California!

⋒ does not like to lay on her back for too long, loves sitting up 

⋒ laughs when you tickle her gently! 

⋒ still breastfeeding but taking two bottles of formula a day to give mama a break! 

⋒ continues to smile 90% of the time she is awake

⋒ loves watching her hands and grabbing rattles

The biggest thing that happened for Indy this month was getting blessed by her daddy! This was such a special time with both of our families and loved ones together to celebrate Indy. From our church website, here is a quick explanation of why we bless our babies: "...The naming and blessing of children is a commandment of God. It is proper for a worthy father to name and bless his children. Blessing of children was done during the time of Christ, and it occurred in the early years of the restored Church. The ordinance has become a regular practice followed by Church members ever since." For more information, you can visit lds.org

Indy is so special to us and every day my heart grows bigger. I love watching Nova and Indy interact, even if it only lasts for a moment each day. It warms my heart and I feel so blessed honored to be their mama! 


Lola Nicole said...

What a little sweetheart, I love that month counter blanket.

Lauren Fullerton said...

Thank you!! I love it too. Such a fun way to document her each month.