December 13, 2019

Christmas Traditions

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I love this time of year. I mean, who doesn't? But, I really love it. Not just because it's Christmas or because we get to exchange gifts with those that we love. I love this season so much because I always feel like things are put back into perspective for me. I'm re-aligned, if you will. I feel recharged and my desire to serve is rekindled! 

This is also the first Christmas we get to spend as a family of four! It's so exciting to see Nova be curious and excited about everything happening. When my husband and I first got married, I was looking forward to doing matching Christmas pajamas! He's been such a good sport about it from day one, probably because he knows how much I value tradition! Having matching Christmas pajamas with our girls makes my heart SO happy. It's such a fun way to celebrate the holidays together. 

Last night we all got in our jammies, put on some Christmas music and decorated a gingerbread house. It was the most fun ever and I never want to forget this fun filled evening with my crew! All the excitement and fun got me thinking about traditions during the holidays. 

Last year, I remember feeling a little inadequate because I wasn't keeping what I thought were my traditions, alive. As if I had to jam-pack every single thing Ryan's family did when he was growing up and mine into one month. This year, I've come to appreciate something of great importance: we have to create our own traditions.

Don't get me wrong, there are still several things we do now with our girl's that we did growing up. But for the most part, things we have done so far have been things we wanted to do regardless of what we did with our parents when we were kids. And I love that! I love that we are making our own memories and doing things that work for us during this season of our lives.

I guess all I wanted to say is, I can't do it all. But if the one thing we do is wear matching jammies and make happy memories together, then we've done enough. 

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