December 2, 2019

Upgrade with Cushmat!

(thank you so much to Cushmat for sponsoring this post!)

Indy has been playing on the floor more and more lately. It's been so much fun to watch her curiosity grow and see her start to push up, trying to crawl! Having a protective, comfortable surface for her to play on is really important to me. Which is why I am so grateful for our new Cushmat! 

This is hands-down the most durable, comfortable, squishy mat I have ever used! We used to use a foam puzzle-piece mat that was under $20 and it honestly just did not do the trick. It would come apart and if anything was spilt onto it, it would just go through the cracks in between each piece. Cushmat is waterproof, easy to clean and one piece. It's also light-weight and easy to roll up when you need to relocate it, which I love! 

We are able to move our mat from room-to-room with no hassle and Indy is getting a comfortable, clean space to play on. This is huge for me because Indy is my gassy, spit-uping baby! Much more than Nova ever did. So when we are doing tummy-time or just playing, she oftentimes spits up a little. Before our Cushmat arrived, she would spit-up on the carpet or onto the low-quality mat and it was a pain to clean. Our Cushmat makes it an easy and quick clean up! 

We received one of their newer designs, the Luxe Dark / Beige Star pattern. Every mat comes with two designs so you are easily able to flip it over which allows for it to blend in with your home. 

Another amazing and important feature is that they make their playmats non-toxic and heavy metal, BPA, latex free and free of so many other toxins! That gives me the reassurance in knowing that I'm using a product that is truly safe for my babies and myself! 

The girls and I highly recommend Cushmat for your home! 

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