January 30, 2020

You Are My Sunshine Party: Isla Is Three!

It's no secret that I love parties. The extrovert in me can't help itself from planning the next one... even if it's months away! So when my friend asked me to plan her daughter's third birthday party, I was honored and excited to try something new. 

The theme was really simple: yellow with hints of orange, gold and white, featuring "you are my sunshine". This was honestly a little daunting at first because it can seem vague to just choose a color and roll with it but it turned out to be so much fun! Everything came together so beautifully and it really did resemble the happy, bright soul that is Isla!

First things first... balloon garland! This has become my go-to when party planning. It's simple enough that it doesn't take too much time but big enough to make an impression the minute you walk in. I use balloon garland strips to make things quicker and my husband and I just blow up the balloons ourselves - I know, that's insane! I promised him that next party, I will invest in an air pump that blows up a ton of balloons at once ;) 

These balloon garlands were so much fun to make because the colors were so happy and really complimented each other super well! Much better than I thought they would. My friend's home has a beautiful open-concept which meantI had a lot of room to fill. The balloon garlands really did make such a big statement. They are a must must must for all parties!

When we first started to plan, Isla's mama told me she wanted to do cookies that were close enough to the theme to make sense but still original. She ordered sunny-side up eggs, suns, smiley faces and flowers. They were beautiful and delicious! I used my Cricut to make these shapes for the photo garland and it all came together so well.

The decoration that probably took the longest but I loved so much, were all the tissue paper tassels! I could have bought them but I wouldn't be getting the exact colors we needed. I found all the colors I needed at our local Party City. I'm so glad I decided to make them - they were so cute draped over windows and added to garlands and the balloon strings!

Overall, this was a very "pinterest-worthy" party! We got so many compliments and it was so exciting to make this Isla's best third birthday party ever ;) 

i n d y : s e v e n | m o n t h s

As I suspected, this past month has come with a lot of changes but in the best way possible! I'm at that point where I feel like I'm thriving a bit more. The girls are better at playing together and keeping themselves occupied long enough so that I can catch up on the house. It's so much fun watching them play and giggle together! Indy loves watching Nova and I race monster trucks across the kitchen floor. It's so cute - she tries to scoot to them quickly enough to get one but Nova usually beats her to it ;) 

Indy is feeling more and more like a person with each passing day. She's got such a bright, happy soul and we see that she is definitely going to be the little peace-keeper in our home. She makes everyone laugh and smile! Indy has also made a ton of milestone progress this past month! Basically she woke up one morning and decided she could scoot around and sit up on her own. I love it!

 sitting up independently! 

 started to babble and can say "dadadada"

 sleeps on her own for naps now - mama is so happy! 

⋒ scooting around and getting up on her knees, but not quite crawling

⋒ working on more teeth, drooling constantly!

 plays with her big sissy a lot more now and loves it

 no longer breastfeeding and we are all super content and happy about it!

I love watching her get bigger. It hasn't been as bitter-sweet this time around for me. With Nova, I felt myself clinging on to her being a baby for so long and forgot to enjoy the progress and enjoy her at that age. With Indy, I've figured out that I'm happier just enjoying her for who she is today instead of pining after who she was the moment she was born. Don't get me wrong, I love those newborn cuddles and smells but I'm learning to just enjoy each day for who they are in that moment. 

January 29, 2020

i n d y : s i x | m o n t h s

Happy half birthday to my happy, beautiful and sweet baby girl! I really cannot believe that it's already been six months since we went to the hospital and then came home with her. It blows my mind every time we hit a big milestone like this with either of the girls. Time is a thief but I'm so grateful for all the memories that have been made these last six months. 

It's been challenging having two under three butI have learned so much about myself and my girls in this time. Seeing how different they are and how their needs are so specific to their personalities has been wonderful to discover. I'm so grateful we have our little rainbow baby. Indy makes life so rich and I love being her mama! 

 sits up with assistance

 drinking formula 60% of the time now!

 loves pears, sweet potatoes and kale (mixed with apple!)

⋒ starting to cut her first two teeth on the bottom

⋒ absolutely loves walks in her stroller - they are her favorite!

I remember when Nova turned six months. It quickly became my favorite time with her. She became more mobile, more expressive and could play more on her own. It was a huge turning point for me and I felt myself thriving again! I've already noticed that start to happen with Indy and I'm so excited to see what this next month brings us. 

i n d y : f i v e | m o n t h s

This month has just been a complete blur. Preparing for the holidays always makes time go way too quickly and then you throw kids in the mix... you basically have no time, ever! Indy is still sweet as ever! It's been so cute to watch her discover things more and more every day.

One of Indy's favorite things every day is when Nova comes in and says good morning to her! It makes Indy SO happy and my heart bursts every time. They are the cutest, happiest sisters and I love watching their bond grow. There really isn't much to update on with Indy this month. But we are so in love with her and her little personality that continues to bloom!

 really loves sleeping in mama's arms

 starting to scoot around during tummy-time!

 started to try tastes of solids + loves sweet potatoes

⋒ smiles constantly, even when she has tummy problems! 

⋒ starting to play in her bouncer and stand with more control

I can't fail to mention how much of a cuddle this little bug is! She is always wanting love but in the sweetest way possible. Any hugs or kisses she can get, send them her way! She is such a light in our home and we love her so much for that.