January 29, 2020

i n d y : f i v e | m o n t h s

This month has just been a complete blur. Preparing for the holidays always makes time go way too quickly and then you throw kids in the mix... you basically have no time, ever! Indy is still sweet as ever! It's been so cute to watch her discover things more and more every day.

One of Indy's favorite things every day is when Nova comes in and says good morning to her! It makes Indy SO happy and my heart bursts every time. They are the cutest, happiest sisters and I love watching their bond grow. There really isn't much to update on with Indy this month. But we are so in love with her and her little personality that continues to bloom!

 really loves sleeping in mama's arms

 starting to scoot around during tummy-time!

 started to try tastes of solids + loves sweet potatoes

⋒ smiles constantly, even when she has tummy problems! 

⋒ starting to play in her bouncer and stand with more control

I can't fail to mention how much of a cuddle this little bug is! She is always wanting love but in the sweetest way possible. Any hugs or kisses she can get, send them her way! She is such a light in our home and we love her so much for that. 

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