January 29, 2020

i n d y : s i x | m o n t h s

Happy half birthday to my happy, beautiful and sweet baby girl! I really cannot believe that it's already been six months since we went to the hospital and then came home with her. It blows my mind every time we hit a big milestone like this with either of the girls. Time is a thief but I'm so grateful for all the memories that have been made these last six months. 

It's been challenging having two under three butI have learned so much about myself and my girls in this time. Seeing how different they are and how their needs are so specific to their personalities has been wonderful to discover. I'm so grateful we have our little rainbow baby. Indy makes life so rich and I love being her mama! 

 sits up with assistance

 drinking formula 60% of the time now!

 loves pears, sweet potatoes and kale (mixed with apple!)

⋒ starting to cut her first two teeth on the bottom

⋒ absolutely loves walks in her stroller - they are her favorite!

I remember when Nova turned six months. It quickly became my favorite time with her. She became more mobile, more expressive and could play more on her own. It was a huge turning point for me and I felt myself thriving again! I've already noticed that start to happen with Indy and I'm so excited to see what this next month brings us. 

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