January 30, 2020

You Are My Sunshine Party: Isla Is Three!

It's no secret that I love parties. The extrovert in me can't help itself from planning the next one... even if it's months away! So when my friend asked me to plan her daughter's third birthday party, I was honored and excited to try something new. 

The theme was really simple: yellow with hints of orange, gold and white, featuring "you are my sunshine". This was honestly a little daunting at first because it can seem vague to just choose a color and roll with it but it turned out to be so much fun! Everything came together so beautifully and it really did resemble the happy, bright soul that is Isla!

First things first... balloon garland! This has become my go-to when party planning. It's simple enough that it doesn't take too much time but big enough to make an impression the minute you walk in. I use balloon garland strips to make things quicker and my husband and I just blow up the balloons ourselves - I know, that's insane! I promised him that next party, I will invest in an air pump that blows up a ton of balloons at once ;) 

These balloon garlands were so much fun to make because the colors were so happy and really complimented each other super well! Much better than I thought they would. My friend's home has a beautiful open-concept which meantI had a lot of room to fill. The balloon garlands really did make such a big statement. They are a must must must for all parties!

When we first started to plan, Isla's mama told me she wanted to do cookies that were close enough to the theme to make sense but still original. She ordered sunny-side up eggs, suns, smiley faces and flowers. They were beautiful and delicious! I used my Cricut to make these shapes for the photo garland and it all came together so well.

The decoration that probably took the longest but I loved so much, were all the tissue paper tassels! I could have bought them but I wouldn't be getting the exact colors we needed. I found all the colors I needed at our local Party City. I'm so glad I decided to make them - they were so cute draped over windows and added to garlands and the balloon strings!

Overall, this was a very "pinterest-worthy" party! We got so many compliments and it was so exciting to make this Isla's best third birthday party ever ;) 

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Anonymous said...

this party looks awesome! those are super awesome balloon garlands!!