February 25, 2020

A Letter to My Toddler

My sweet Nova Violet. You are so special to me. A lot of things have been weighing heavily on my heart that I feel I need to document so I will never forget them. 

I love this season with you. You are almost two and a half and I find myself struggling to understand how that happened so quickly! Which is the most cliché thing to say in all of mom history ;) But it's true! I still feel like it was just months ago that we brought you home from the hospital but here we are. You are walking, talking and doing life a lot more independently than you were all those months ago.

I want to bottle you up and have it stay this way forever! But I would be naive to think that things will always stay the same. You are constantly surprising me with all the new things you are learning and how much your personality continues to flourish each new day. 

Sometimes I catch myself feeling sad when you don't need my help putting your shoes on or putting your dishes away. I catch myself wanting to do it for you or helping you even though I know full well that you know how to do it just fine. It's easy for me as your mom to feel unneeded, even when you are just two and a half years old.

But then I remember something. It doesn't matter if you know how to put your dishes away or how to put on your shoes without my help. It doesn't matter because when you do need me, you come to me knowing that I am there for you. Knowing that I will embrace you and give you the love that you need in that moment. And my sweet Nova Violet, this will always be. I will always be here for you. 

When you get in your first fight with a friend, I'll be here to listen. 
When you make a mistake, I'll be here to help you get through it.
When you feel upset even over the smallest thing, I'll be here to give you a hug.
I'll be here for your first love and heartbreak, through good days and bad.

Because my vibrant, smart, kind Nova - I am rooting for you. I want you to have those bad days, fights, heartbreaks and to make mistakes. Those are what will make you stronger and make you into the wonderful woman I know you will become. And even when it seems like the world is over, I'll be here to help you pick up the pieces. I will always be by your side.

I don't want you to ever forget how much I love you. I'm so excited for your future. But for now, I'll enjoy watching you color outside the lines and feeling your little arms wrap around my neck for a tight hug.

I love you my sweet girl.

-Your Mama

February 21, 2020

i n d y : e i g h t | m o n t h s

I just can't believe I'm sitting here writing about my baby's eight month milestones. Having two kids has made the baby months fly by so much faster than when I was solely focused on Nova. I'm doing my best to hold on to every ounce of "baby" Indy has left in her! She's getting so big mentally and physically! This girl is chunky and we love her for it. I could kiss all over her rolls 24/7!

This month it seems like Indy has just become more and more like her own little person! We love her sweet personality. She is so easy-going and is almost always smiling or giggling. Indy is working on some teeth so that has made her more grumpy than usual but even then, she is overall the easiest little babe. She is starting to get curious about soft foods so we are going to be starting her on some finger foods. I'm really excited about this! For some reason when Nova started to eat finger foods, it felt like it gave me a little more time to work on dishes or eat a hot meal. So I'm hoping this gives Indy a little independence and me just a couple more minutes in my day!

 still working on crawling but getting up on knees so much more!

 cutting her top two teeth

 loves to snack on puffs while mama gets meals ready

⋒ loves being tickled and kissed all over!

⋒ still waking twice a night but working on getting her to sleep through the night

 has an obsession with remote controls

 loves when mama sings to her, she beams!

Something I have loved about Indy this past month is watching her learn from Nova. There is something about seeing your children grow and learn from one another that is unlike anything else. Nova is such a good example and I know Indy will take after her in so many ways but she is also very different from her big sister already. Indy is so patient and tough. Especially when Nova is giving her hugs a little too tight or kisses a little too roughly ;) Honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm just so grateful to see my girls love each other so much and to see their sisterhood flourish! 

For some reason I feel more grateful than ever to have Indy. She's been such an answer to my prayers as I've struggled with anxiety in this season of motherhood. I'm amazed every day by how easy it is to get out to run errands and do fun things with them because Indy truly is just always down for anything! As long as that girl is fed and doesn't have a dirty diaper, she is as happy as can be! I'm so grateful for that. This mama needed a baby like Indy and I know God knew that. I really feel her little spirit has been exactly what all of us individually and collectively needed. We are so grateful for you, Indy Renate!