March 24, 2020

Toddler Activity: Wool Ball Race

Looking for a way to use those toilet paper and paper towel tubes and occupy your kids? I got your back! I always save those tubes because they are perfect for making fun activities for my toddler. This activity in particular kept her occupied for almost an hour! Is that not basically a week in toddler-time?!

This is just a list of materials needed if you wanted to make it exactly as I did. You can of course, make it however you want, with whatever materials you have available. 

Foam Poster Board

4 Paper Towel Tubes

6 Toilet Paper Tubes

Hot Glue


Washi Tape

Plug in your hot glue gun so it's ready to go when you are! Start by cutting 3 of your paper towel tubes, in half. Set those aside. Cut the additional paper towel tube in half and then those halves into thirds. So you will end up with 6 thirds. Set those aside. 

I drew arrows on the tubes that were going the direction that the wool balls will be going. From there, you should lay out your tubes onto your foam board to create your track! Once you've decided on a design, start to glue it down with the hot glue. I would suggest keeping the paper towel tube halves as straight as possible when gluing them down. Otherwise, you may glue it down in a way that could result in the ball just falling off. 

Once everything is glued down, use those thirds to attach to the toilet paper tubes to act as a guard. The balls roll down rather quickly so when you create this guard, it can continue down the track! At this point, I added the washi tape to the tops of the tubes. This was just for fun and is completely optional! 

Now time to play! This really did keep Nova occupied for so long and she was laughing through the whole thing. She loves activities like this. In order to make this activity require some work out of her, I gave her a handy scooper (you can find them in my amazon storefront by clicking on this). These are great for fine motor and concentration! It took some practice but once she got the hang of it, she loved using the handy scooper.

We used wool balls opposed to pom poms or hot wheels because the pom poms were too light and cars are too heavy. I found the wool balls on amazon! I included those in my amazon storefront as well.

Happy racing!

i n d y : n i n e | m o n t h s

Being in quarantine is making time stand a little more still so I'm hoping it makes Indy stay a baby a little longer! I sometimes forget that not only is Indy now nine months old, I also just had a baby nine months ago. Sounds weird when I type it out that way, but I guess I just sometimes forget that it only that long ago. 

Indy has been pulling up to stand on everything. The couch, us, chairs, her bed. It's adorable but she is still trying to figure out how to get down so it quickly becomes a crying session until someone helps her! She's becoming more and more feisty every day but is still the most flexible baby ever.

 crawling around the entire house! gets around so fast now

 pulling up to stand on just about everything 

 loves playing with chunky blocks + her big sister's baby doll

⋒ has the best deep laugh that makes us all giggle!

⋒ wearing 12 month clothes

 starting to have more interest in books, loves to listen to mama read

 strawberries + blueberries are her favorite to chew on

I love being this girls mama. She may keep up a lot during the night but I wouldn't trade it for the world! She is such a sweet soul and I love that we get to enjoy her being part of our family. 

March 16, 2020

Toddler Activity: Popsicle Stick Matching

This was such an easy, fun learning activity that I put together for my toddler! It took me about 45 minutes to make and kept us busy for about 30. It's great for learning or practicing pincers grasp, colors, counting and matching!

36 Jumbo Popsicle Sticks

Sharpies or Markers, Assorted Colors

2 Pieces White Cardstock, 12 x 12

Sticky Mat or Painter's Tape

Scissors (or use Circuit if you have one)

1 Split Pin (or a paper clip + bead if you don't have one, like me!)

1. Line up six popsicle sticks on sticky mat or attach with painters tape. This is so they stay put while you make and color in the shapes. I did six different shapes: Circle, Triangle, Square, Heart, Octagon and Diamond.

2. Make a wheel to use in accordance with the sticks! I used my circuit to do this but if you don't have one, it's really simple! Cut two circles 11 x 11. Draw your six shapes on the first circle like you would drawing numbers on a clock. 

3. Color in your shapes on your paper, matching the same colors that you made on the popsicle sticks. Cut a triangle about 2-3 inches wide on the second circle. Attach them in the middle with your split pin! This will act as a way for your child to focus on putting one shape together at a time.

 4. Play! Depending on your child's age and attention span, you may have to sit and help them with this activity. 

5. After helping mine with it once, I decided to add numbers to the popsicle sticks in order of how the shape is formed. This helped her the second time we did it, as she recognized the numbers well enough to put it together with less help!

What kind of learning activities do you enjoy doing with your toddler? 

March 9, 2020

Toddler Activity: Rainbow Pom-Pom Shoot

This was such a fun activity to put together for Nova! It's great for fine motor skills, color practice, sparks creativity and challenges sensory. These are all things that toddlers crave and thrive off of, which is why this activity is perfect! I also love this one because most of the materials you probably already have in your home. 

The materials listed are exactly the quantities and materials you see used in the board pictured. 
This can be changed to your liking!

1 White Poster Board

4 Towel Paper Roll Tubes

9 Toilet Paper Roll Tubes

10 Pieces of Construction Paper
(1 Red, 2 Orange, 1 Yellow, 2 Green, 1 Blue, 2 Purple, 1 Pink)

Double-Sided Tape

Hot glue or Super glue

Chalkola Markers

Assorted Washi-tape

Assorted Pom-Poms

Cut your paper according to the sizes of the tubes you will be using on each color. You can see the pattern I used in the pictures below! Once your construction paper is all cut to size, add a strip of double sided tape to each end. Carefully roll the tubes on their designated colors, starting on one end of the paper and roll until the tape is secure on the other end of the tube.

Now that all your tubes are covered in beautiful colors, you can glue them to the poster board. I suggest laying it out first so you know where you want everything before making it permanent!

Once everything was securely glued down, I added some washi-tape, just for fun! In my case, I needed to add some glue to the washi-tape since it wasn't sticking perfectly and kept popping off.

Using my Chalkola markers, I wrote the colors above the tubes. This is a great opportunity for color practice with your toddler! Doing activities like this has really helped Nova learn her colors quickly. 

I used two command strips to secure this poster board to the wall. I'm able to switch it out with some of our other poster board activities without having to worry about the paint coming off our walls!

Remember to have fun with it! It's not just a fun activity for toddlers. This is a great creative outlet for parents too! 

March 2, 2020

Mama's Must Have Feature: The Kinwell Diaper Bag

Thank you to Kinwell for sponsoring this post!

Over the last two and a half years, I have gone through my fair share of diaper bags. Either because they didn't last long due to low-quality or because I didn't find it to be functional without compromising the style. If I'm going to be carrying around this bag every day and trusting it to carry my every need as a mama of two under three, it has to be the very best bag.

Which is why I have to tell you about the Kinwell diaper bag! It was designed by Leanna, a hard working mom who designed the modern bag for modern mamas! It is absolutely stunning but the best part is, it ain't all looks! This is hands-down the most functional diaper bag I've ever used. Everything is so high-quality and perfect for a mama that's on the go!

My favorite thing about this bag is how sturdy it is. It's square shape makes it much easier to find what I need without feeling like I'm dumping everything out! It also stands up on it's own when I need to set it down. This really is the whole deal! Best part is, it's currently 40% off! Snag yours while it's on this limited time deal!

Trust me when I say, this is the very best diaper bag backpack I have every owned. You really can't go wrong! And with this amazing deal of 40% off, it's the perfect time to snag one for yourself or for a loved one who is expecting!