March 2, 2020

Mama's Must Have Feature: The Kinwell Diaper Bag

Thank you to Kinwell for sponsoring this post!

Over the last two and a half years, I have gone through my fair share of diaper bags. Either because they didn't last long due to low-quality or because I didn't find it to be functional without compromising the style. If I'm going to be carrying around this bag every day and trusting it to carry my every need as a mama of two under three, it has to be the very best bag.

Which is why I have to tell you about the Kinwell diaper bag! It was designed by Leanna, a hard working mom who designed the modern bag for modern mamas! It is absolutely stunning but the best part is, it ain't all looks! This is hands-down the most functional diaper bag I've ever used. Everything is so high-quality and perfect for a mama that's on the go!

My favorite thing about this bag is how sturdy it is. It's square shape makes it much easier to find what I need without feeling like I'm dumping everything out! It also stands up on it's own when I need to set it down. This really is the whole deal! Best part is, it's currently 40% off! Snag yours while it's on this limited time deal!

Trust me when I say, this is the very best diaper bag backpack I have every owned. You really can't go wrong! And with this amazing deal of 40% off, it's the perfect time to snag one for yourself or for a loved one who is expecting! 

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