June 14, 2020

i n d y : t e n | m o n t h s

*april twentieth two-thousand-twenty*

Last month it felt like time was standing still but early-quarantine me was oh-so-wrong. Time is for some reason going by so much quicker now that we've adjusted to being home so often. It's weird knowing that at this age, Nova (our first) was going to water park almost daily, we were walking through the mall on the especially hot days and spent a ton of time with her grandparents. Indy doesn't have those experiences at this age and for some reason, it really bums me out! I know full-well that she will not remember this time of her life, it's just a weird thing to wrap my head around.

Our sweet Indy is getting bigger and chunkier by the day! It's fun seeing how much more her and Nova interact as she gets older. We're having some boundary struggles with older sister (Indy is very sensitive!) but I'm sure with some time, they'll be even closer. 

 sharing a room with her big sister... for now! 

 standing on her own 

 says "mama" "dada" and a whole lot of babbles!

⋒ growls when she's crawling around the house 

⋒ still waking up two to three times a night - it's fine, we're fine, everything's fine

 loves getting tickled by her big sister! 

 obsessed with yogurt melts and greek yogurt right now

I'm so excited to see how much Indy changes this month! I can't believe we are just two months away from my sweet baby girl being ONE! I would normally start party planning but I think we'll be opting for a zoom party with family this year. Thanks, corona!

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