June 28, 2020

i n d y : t w e l v e | m o n t h s

Well, the inevitable happened. My baby turned one last week! It wasn't as hard of a milestone as it was with my first. Maybe because I knew what to expect and I'm more busy with two of them but even then, it's still a weird feeling seeing your baby turn into a toddler. 

We were able to do a little celebration for Indy with our family and some friends over zoom! Thanks, pandemic. It was still fun and really, this is a great time for this to happen because she won't even remember it. 

 full-blown walking!

 loves giving kisses and just started doing hugs

 screams while chasing her sister around the house! 

⋒ loves chicken, mac n cheese and peas

⋒ starting to be more aware at night and doesn't like it when we leave the room

 has 6 teeth!

My sweet Indy girl, you are now one. Looking through old pictures of you reminded me how quickly this first year went by and it's crushing my soul, just a little. ;) When we found out we were pregnant with you, it came as a big surprise as we had just experienced a loss a couple months prior. Pregnancy after miscarriage was difficult to navigate but you proved to be our rainbow after the storm. 

You are the sweetest, chunkiest little bean and I love all of your pieces. Your deep, growl-like laugh brings me so much joy and your open-mouth kisses fill my heart. I feel so grateful to be your mama! I'm excited to see what this year brings and for all the fun we are going to have! I love you so much, my little rainbow! 

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